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NCC-UPN Mobile App

SKU: $150.00
With the NCC-UPN Mobile App You Can Become A Community Ambassador For Special Needs.

•Find doctor summaries and videos
•Find Personalized Medicine Agencies
•Find community colleges and universities for special needs students
•Use keywords to search our online national database for community resources
•Locate community organizations for assessment need area
•Find evaluation and treatment services for individuals with the following suspected disorders:
Social, Cognitive, Language, and Motor Development
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Social Skills Delays
Neurogenetic Disorders

Purchase the NCC-UPN mobile app to support JBead Foundation/UCLA research studies and help researchers understand autism spectrum disorders in African American Families. When you complete the shopping cart order with your email/phone number we'll text/email you a link to download the app. Thank you for your community support, -Jeff