Jason Purdy Magic Set

SKU: $25.00
Learn amazing magic tricks that are fun and easy to master! This magic set is full of amazing and fun magic tricks assembled by Jason Himself! Jason has hand picked some of his favorite effects that he started out with (And still has fun with)! Complete with our "RISING/JUMPING WAND" and a custom instruction booklet. Learn amazing magic tricks that are fun and easy to master. With practice, in no time at all you will be entertaining your friends and family! You will find instructions, secrets and tips so you can easily master and perform the magic inside your Jason Purdy Magic Set! Here are just some of the amazing effects you will learn: 2 Card Monte, X-Ray Vision, Three Shell Game, Magic Ball & Vase, Magic, Coin Case, Spiked Coin, Color Vision, Mystery Age Computer, Magic, Finger Chopper, Rising/Jumping Magic Wand and More! Just Remember.... It’s a Secret!!! CAUTION: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OF AGE

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