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200 Tripleton Pike, Bedford, IN 47421-8598

1963-1982 Complete Rear Suspension


1984-1996 Complete Front Suspension


Rear Differential Parts (1963-1979)

Differential Housing (1963-1979)
Positrac Unit (3 Ser) Positrsc Unit (4 Series) Ring & Pinion Set (1963-1979)
Pinion Flange 200-074 (1963-1979)
Differential Side Yoke (1963-1979)
Cap & Bolt Set (1965-1979)
Master Rebuilt Kit (1963-1979)
Rear Cover (1963-1979)
Rear Cover (HD) (1963-1979)
Clutch Pack (1963-1979)
Lube Kit

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Ikerd's Inc. in Bedford, Indiana, specializes in offering classic Corvette parts from the beautiful 1963 model to the stunning 1996 machine. We have the car parts you need for any repair or horsepower-boosting project. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our products, or if you are looking for something specific. Call us today at (812) 279-4828 or email us at info@ikerds.net.