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Anabolic Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents



for Anemia of Chronic Inflammation

for Kidney Disease and Dialysis

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Research Protocol nandrolone/ stanozolol nandrolone 40-60mg200mg/ ml Injection/ creamsphysician only #4 syringes
per month
$18.25-$50.00/ week
Research Protocol Onlynandrolone/ stanozolol stanozolol 15-25mg50mg/ml Injection/ creams/ capsules physican only#4 Syringes
per month
$18.25-$50.00/ week

1. Epogen® is equivalent and cheapest and is preferred of the EPO agents.

2. Nandrolone may reduce the need for Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (EPO) necessary to keep the patient's hemoglobin above the federally mandated 11g/dl. In approximately half of elderly patients, use of 50mg of nandrolone in women and 100mg in men will eliminate the need for EPO agents altogether. The use of nandrolone is associated with an increased feeling of well-being and may increase muscle strength. In conclusion, "This meta-analysis revealed no difference between nandrolone and EPO for the treatment of anaemia of CKD in men over 50 years".

3. This is separate from the consideration of testosterone replacement in elderly men. Morganthaler and others in Commentary: Who Is a Candidate for Testosterone Therapy? A Synthesis of International Expert Opinions. goes so far as to recommend testosterone replacement in some men with prostate cancer. Before this extreme, the consensus is that anabolic therapy should become the drug of choice for men before and with the development of osteoporosis.

4. The consensus for aging women is that replacement should include estradiol and an androgren.The current evidence suggests that "estradiol plays a greater role in maintenance of skeletal health than testosterone [in women], but that androgens also have direct beneficial effects on bone."

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