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Dx Cervical Cancer Treatment:

Cervical Cancer

The Merck Manual Home Edition states:
"In the United States, cervical cancer (cervical carcinoma) is the third most common gynecologic cancer among all women and is common among younger women. The average age at diagnosis is about 50, but it can affect women as young as 20. This cancer is most commonly caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is transmitted during sexual intercourse. This virus also causes genital warts...Papanicolaou (Pap) tests can usually detect abnormalities, which are then biopsied.[Editor: frozen, excised, and almost always cured]."

Medications Used in Treatment
1. Topoisomerase Inhibitors: Hycamtin®
2. Vaccination: Gardasil®

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*[Editor]  The official position of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is that PAP smear screening during the high risk sexually active years should be yearly; maintaining well woman visits a yearly event.
A large Korean study warns of the folly of infrequent screening and the development of advanced cervical cancers.

*[Editor]  Combining acetic acid and Lugol's iodine solution in screening for cervical cancer was as effective at diagnosing cervical dysplasia and cancer as the PAP smear. This might be applicable not only to developing countries but as an improved screening here.

*[Editor] Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease related to the HPV (human papilloma virus. Specific types are considered more virulent (16, 18) and cause 75% of all cervical cancers and 50% of vulvar cancers. PAP smears with HPV typing can identify those women at risk. [Case Report] My professor taught me 40 years ago to treat women after delivery with a 3-minute cryosurgical freezing of the cervix to destroy the superficial infection in the torn cervix. In 40 years, I had the good fortune to have discovered only 2 cases of micro-invasive cancer in almost 2500 deliveries.

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