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Dx Diabetes Insipidus Treatment:

Diabetes Insipidus

The Merck Manual Home Edition states:
"Central diabetes insipidus is a lack of antidiuretic hormone that causes excessive production of very dilute urine (polyuria).
Central diabetes insipidus has several causes, including a brain tumor, tuberculosis, a brain injury or surgery, and some forms of other diseases.
The main symptoms are excessive thirst and excessive urine production (often 4 liters per day).
The diagnosis is based on urine tests, blood tests, and a water deprivation test (the urine specific gravity in-office test reads the lowest (no concentration).
People with central diabetes insipidus usually are given the drugs vasopressin or desmopressin as a nasal spray."

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Vasopressin: Ddavp®

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