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Dx Candidiasis, Vaginal and Oral Treatment :

Oral or Vaginal Candidiasis

is reported by the Merck Manual Home Edition as [With candidiasis infections,] "the vagina and vulva may itch or burn, particularly during sexual intercourse. The genital area may become red and swollen. Women may have a white discharge, often thick and resembling cottage cheese. Symptoms may worsen the week before a menstrual period begins.
[Oral thrush has a similar appearance and is treated the same.]

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Azole Antifungals: Nizoral®, econazole®, Vfend®
2. Polyene Antifungals: Nystop
3. Polyene Antifungal/ Corticosteroid: nystatin/triamcinolone®
4. Hydroxypyridone Antifungal: Ciclodan®
5. Echinocandin Antifungal: Eraxis®, Cancidasa®, Mycamine®
6. Nucleoside Analogue Antifungals: Ancobon®
7. Gentian Violet:GV

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*[Editor] Gentian Violet 1% can be used on a tampon in the vagina to control vaginal candidiasis. Stubborn cases of oral thrush respond to being 'painted' with the same 1% Gentian Violet. The medication is non-toxic if swallowed.

Long-lasting improvements can follow a change from a 'commercial' to a more natural/raw diet, addition of plain yogurt, and in difficult cases, dilute baking powder. I advise not to use white vinegar, first, as it can be quite painful.

*[Editor] Jonathan Wright, M.D. reports on the use of SSKI (iodine) in the treatment of recurrent vaginitis, fungal nail infections, and breast cysts in adults. "Worth review".

*[Editor] The recommendation of the Clinical Expert Series of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2014 is that tinidazole be reserved as the last option in treating Persistent Candidiasis Vaginitis.
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