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Dx Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment:

Bacterial Vaginosis

The Merck Manual Home Edition states:
"Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection that occurs when the balance of bacteria in the vagina is altered.Women who have a sexually transmitted disease, who have several sex partners, or who use an intrauterine device are more likely to get bacterial vaginosis. It can cause a thin, gray or white discharge, which may be profuse, smell fishy, and be accompanied by itching. Antibiotics applied as gels or creams or taken by mouth are effective. Bacterial vaginosis commonly recurs."

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Lincosamides: Cleocin®/clindamycin
2. Nitroimidazoles: Flagyl® Flagyl®ER Metro-gel®/metronidazole, Tindamax®/tinidazole, vandazole
3. Gentian Violet:Gentian Violet Dye

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*[Editor] Gentian Violet 1% dye is an over-the-counter remedy for vagina yeast and non-gonorrhea bacterial imbalance that can be used while awaiting a visit to the health professional. Using gloves, moderately saturate the upper 1/3 of a tampon with the Gentian Violet. Be sure to avoid spills as the dye is permanent. Do this over a waster basket with disposable liner. Insert the saturated tampon and wear a mini-pad or shield. Remove after a few hours. Wear a mini-pad for another 1 or 2 days. If the vaginitis, itch or discharge persists, medical health professional can perform a culture and stain.

[Editor]  A group of 62 women with at least 4 recurrent vaginal infections yearly were followed for 4 years. Long-term systemic enzyme therapy (Wobenzym®), taken as 2 tablespoons/day for 10 weeks and followed for up to 4 years. The recurrent rate dropped from 4.4 to .05 infections/ per patient year. The rate remained lower each year subsequently.

*[Editor] Since Macmiror®/nifuratel is not available in the United States, either Clindamcyin® or Flagyl® is prescribed for non-gonorrhea vaginitis due to chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and/or atopbium vaginae. With relapse rates of about 30% in one month, it seems prudent to treat both sexual partners in the U.S. with oral Flagyl®/metronidazole at the initial consultation. Betadine®/povidone-iodine can be used concurrently. These bacterial infections can present solely as bladder infections; N. gonorrhea, C. Trachomatis and Trichomonas were present in more than 50% of cases. Half the time, the origin of the vaginal/ bladder infections are missed.

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