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Opioid Pain Medication



for PAIN

Use of low dose naltrexone compounded can reduce strength of pain medication 40%.
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Walmart opioid Ultram®tramadol 50mg #120 tablets$ 308.09$  7.91$0.07/ dose

Walmart NSAIDs non-steroidal Naprosyn®naproxen 500mg #120 Tablets$ 388.68$  8.00$0.10/ dose

Walgreens Opioid Methadone® methadone hydrochloride10mg #120 Tablets$  14.50$ 12.79$0.11/ dose

Walmart Opioids Tylenol® with Codeine acetaminophen/ codeine300mg/ 30mg #120 Tablets$ 149.77$ 17.58$0.15/ dose

Walmart Opioid Roxicodone® oxycodone5mg #120 Tablets$ 214.53$ 17.08Vicodin ES$0.14/ dose

Walmart Opioid Percocet®/ Roxicet® oxycodone/ acetaminophen5mg/ 325mg #120 Tablets$ 22.66$0.14/ dose

Walmart Opioid Endocet® acetaminophen/ oxycodone325mg/ 5mg #120 Tablets$ 25.35$ 22.66Percocet brand is $1074.46$0.19/ dose

Walmart Opioid Vicodin®/ Norco® acetaminophen/ hydrocodone bitartrate300mg/ 5mg #60 Tablets$  32.52$ 13.70Vicodin$0.30/ dose

Walgreens Opioid Morphine® morphine30mg #100 Tablets $ 21.31$0.21/ dose

Walmart Opioid Dilaudin® hydromorphone2mg #100 Tablets$132.22 $ 20.64$0.21/ dose

CVS Opioid Demerol® meperidine50mg #100 Tablets$251.93 $ 30.66$0.31/ dose

CVS Opioid combo Fioricet® with codeine acetaminophen/ butabarbital, caffeine, codeine50mg/ 325mg 40mg/ 30mg #100 Capsules $ 55.73Vicodin with codeine$0.56/ dose

CVS Opioid Xodol® acetaminophen/ hydrocodone bitartrate300mg/ 5mg #60 Tablets$358.58$ 46.47Vicodin$0.77/ dose

Target NSAID combo Midrin® isometheptene/ dichloral- phenazone/ acetaminophen65mg/ 100mg/ 325mg #100 Capsules$ 81.28$0.81/ dose

CVS Anti- cholinergic- opioid combo Belladonna and Opium®  Belladonna and Opium 16.2mg/ 30mg #15 Suppos- itories$137.44$1.63/ supp- dose

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Kroger Opioid Opana® ER oxymorphone10mg #120 Tablets$ 214.38 $1.79/ dose

Walmart Opioid Dilaudin® hydromorphone5mg/ 5ml #473ml Oral Solution$ 278.18 $ 71.80$0.72/ dose

Walmart Opioid Actiq® fentanyl400mcg #10 Suckers$ 612.32 $ 88.50$8.50/ dose

CVS Barbituate combo Fioricet® acetaminophen/ butabarbital/ caffeine50mg/ 300mg /40mg #100 Capsules $ 90.85Vicodin$0.91/ dose

Walmart Opioid Duragesic®/ Fentanyl® fentanyl transdermal Patch50mcg #2 (5 per Pack)$ 586.88 $ 97.12$9.71/ dose

CVS Opioid MS Contin®/

morphine sulfate ER20mg #60 Tablets$ 387.16$114.05$1.90/ dose

Walmart Opioid Celebrex® celecoxib200mg #60 Tablets$ 449.85General Prior Authorization$7.49/ dose

Walmart Opioid Nuedexta® dextromethorphan/ quinidine 60/20mg #90$ 695.59 Prior Authorization$7.71/ dose

Kroger Opioid Subsys®
fentanyl200mcg #30 Spray Bottles$1396.79 General Prior Authorization$46.38/ dose

Walmart Opioid Fentora®
fentanyl400mcg #56 Buccal Tablets$3841.02 General Prior Authorization$64.02/ dose

Conversion Table: Dosage Range of Therapeutic Medications.

*[Editor]: The addition of low dose naltrexone, compounded at less than 0.5mg daily, reduced the dose necessary to effect relief by 40%, the quality and duration.

*[Editor]: "Vicodin (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) is the number one drug prescribed in this country for any reason. The myth around vicodin is that it works better than Tylenol #3 (Tylenol with codeine). But remember that Vicodin will be harder to get now that the DEA is reclassifying hydrocodone-containing drugs (Vicodin®, Norco®, Lortab®) from schedule III to schedule II drugs.
Well stated that "Tylenol #3 (30 mg/300 mg) worked just as well for pain compared to Vicodin 5 mg/500 mg in patients discharged from the emergency room." 4/7/2014

*[Editor]: Acute pancreatitis pain is one of the most severe. Subcutaneous demerol proved as effective as fentanyl at less than one-quarter the cost.

*[Editor]i:The National Cancer Institute states that Morphine is the most commonly used opioid in cancer pain home settings.

*[Editor]:The Academy of Pain Medicine has issued clinical practice guides that warns of the risks of opioids for chronic non-cancer pain...and the risk of drug abuse or misuse.

*[Editor]: These may be avoided with the use of trigger point injections, regional pain blocks and the use of infusion pumps. For cancer pain, intrathecal therapy is cost beneficial if survival is greater than 6 months.

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