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Dx Blocking Chemotherapy Side Effects:

Blocking Chemotherapy Side-effects

The National Cancer Institute states that:
"Nausea is when you feel sick...Take your anti-nausea medication....Stay away from some foods... Have enough to eat and drink."

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Chemoprotectants: Mesnex®, Zinecard®
2. Anti-histamines: Phenergan®, Dramamine®
3. Anticholinergics: Transderm Scop®
4. Serotonin Antagonists: Zofran®
5. Typical Antiphyschotics: Chlorpromazine®
6. Antiemetics: Tigan®, Antivert®
7. Dopamine Receptor Antagonists: Reglan®
8. Cannabinoids: Marinol®
9. Alpha Reducase Inhibitor/ Alpha Blocker: Antivert®
10. NK1 Receptor Antagonists: Emend®

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[Editor] With the limited approval of medical cannabis (marijuana), its use in chronic nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy may become a more acceptable treatment.

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