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Dx Adrenal Fatigue Treatment:


There is no consensus on the cause or treatment of Chronic Fatigue. Symptomatic treatment includes primarily CNS stimulants and antidepressants. A number of medical articles describe treatment with hormonal therapy (cortisol, DHEA, thyroid, sex hormones and human growth factor). This makes laboratory documentation essential before treatment.

Adrenal Fatigue

The Merck Manual Home Edition states:
"Fatigue is when a person feels a strong need to rest and has so little energy that starting and sustaining activity is difficult. Fatigue is normal after physical exertion, prolonged stress, and sleep deprivation. However, fatigue that increases and develops after activities that previously did not cause it may be one of the symptoms, or, occasionally, the first symptom of a disorder.

Most serious and many minor illnesses cause fatigue. However, most of these disorders have other more prominent symptoms (for example, pain, cough, fever, or jaundice) that are likely to bring the person to the doctor. This discussion focuses on disorders in which fatigue is the first or most severe symptom.

Common causes: There is no firm dividing line between causes based on duration of fatigue. However, doctors find that certain causes tend to be more common depending on how long people have had fatigue before they seek medical care.Recent fatigue (lasting less than 1 month) has many causes, but the most common are the following:
*Drug adverse effects
*Stress and/or depression

For prolonged fatigue (lasting 1 to 6 months), the most common causes are the following:
*An under-active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
*Sleep disturbances (such as sleep apnea)
*For chronic fatigue (lasting longer than 6 months), the most common causes are the following: Mental health disorder (such as depression)."

*[Editor]: Dr. Osler taught more than 100 years ago that there is ALWAYS ONLY ONE ORIGINAL CAUSE for DISEASE.
Then why do the Merck Manuals and others list so many different medications? Because they are treating the symptoms!

*[Editor] There is no contraindication to treating 'low' levels of bio-identical hormones (vitamin D3, thyroid, DHEA, cortisol, estradiol(women) and testosterone (both) concurrent with all the other treatments that the healthcare provider may offer (except no estradiol or testosterone when cancer sensitive tumours, infertile or pregnant). The intent is to treat the patient. The correct laboratory tests can help you doctor find the best treatment of the CAUSES of the SYMPTOMS.

Medications Used in Treatment of 'Fatigue':
1. Corticosteroids: Cortef® (hydrocortisone), prednisone, see list.
2. Alpha Agonists: Proamatine®.
3. Catecholamine Synthesis Inhibitors: Demser®,
4. Sympathomimetic-like Agents: Ritalin, Adipex/phentermine, Provigil®, Nuvigil®
5. Adrenal Supplements (DHEA)
6. Androgens: Depo-Testosterone®/Testosterone cypionate, Deca-Durabolin® /nanrolone, Winstrol®/stanozolol, Anavar®/oxandrin, Danocrine®/ danazol.
7. Human Growth Hormone: Omnitrope®.

[Editor]:The Chronic Fatigue Video suggests that the cause  of fatigue may be difficult to determine; the editor suggests performing a comprehensive H.I.S. or H.E.R. Laboratory Blood Panel. Correct these over-the-counter and inexpensive over-the-counter vitamins, minerals and supplements: non-prescription hormonal replacements first (vitamin D3, especially DHEA, improve digestion with enzymes, Betaine, ox bile, a gluten free diet, and probiotics) and the replacement of prescription low dose corticol and sex hormones. To restart the process of repair, one must first normalize Free Androgen Index and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin to that of a young adult.

*[Editor]: Human Growth Hormone has been touted as the 'cure all' for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although the initial work of Rudman was shocking, his results have not been repeated. This does not negate the fact that hGH has been used for 1) congestive heart failure, 2) Crohn's/ ulcerative colitis, 3) large body burns and 4) improved healing after surgery. RM Bennett, M.D. reported low levels of IGF-1 in fibromyalgia but not Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients. He also reported in MyoPain in 1995 a 75% improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms after 9 months of hGH replacement; although it is not considered 'the norm of treatment'. The point is that hGH can be the last medication tried, after documenting other regiments including in select patients, antidepressants.

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