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Dx Bone Spurs Treatment:

Anesthesia, local, topical, regional

The Merck Manual Home Edition  reviews the topical use of local anesthetics.

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Local Topical Anesthetics: Xylocaine®/ lidocaine, Emla®, Synera®, Marcaine®
2. Injectable anethetics (available to physicians only at less than $10.00/ 30ml): Xylocaine /lidocaine, bupivicaine, marcaine, ropivacaine

* [Editor]Post-surgical Incision Pain can be reduced by having the surgeon inject the incision at the end of the surgical procedure with a mixture of xylocaine and long acting anesthetic. The 90 minutes of anesthesia relief is followed by a longer-lasting effect in reducing pain for tonsillectomy for example. The medical literature reports reproducible pain relief for transversus abdomninis blocks used for for abdominal general surgery, with local infusion pumps for plastic surgery abdominoplasty and orthopedic surgeries such as hip replacement, frozen shoulder manipulation under anasthestic, total knee with injection of cortiosteroid and local anesthetic. A randomized study in total hip arthroplasty found that receiving wound infiltration at the end of surgery and 24 hours later resulted in 1)less pain up to 2 weeks, 2) minimal pain, less use of analgesia for up to 4 days, less joint stiffness and better function 1 week post-operative. We believe that the injection of local anesthetic without low-dose epinephrine into the incisions, in general, seem to reduce the need for pain medication and increase earlier ambulation without a significant increase in operating room time or expense. A large clinical trial in the United Kingdom is underway.

*[Editor] There is antidotal and alternative therapy with Wobenzym for use in trauma and orthopaedics, including it being equally effective as diclofenac in arthosis.

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