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Dx Chronic ITP Treatment:

Chronic ITP

is reported by The Merck Manual Home Edition that
"Thrombocytopenia is a deficiency of platelets (thrombocytes).
*Thrombocytopenia occurs when the bone marrow makes too few platelets or when too many platelets are destroyed.
*Bleeding in the skin and bruising occur.
*Blood tests are used to make the diagnosis and determine the cause.
*Sometimes platelet transfusions are needed...The most serious risk of bleeding, however, generally does not occur until the platelet count falls below 10,000 to 20,000 platelets per microliter. At these very low levels, bleeding may occur without any injury.

Many disorders can cause thrombocytopenia.
*Thrombocytopenia can occur when the bone marrow does not produce enough platelets, as happens in leukemia and some anemias.
*Infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, often results in thrombocytopenia.
*Platelets can become entrapped in an enlarged spleen, as happens in myelofibrosis and Gaucher disease, reducing the number of platelets in the bloodstream.
*Massive blood transfusions can dilute the concentration of platelets in the blood.
*Finally, the body may use or destroy too many platelets, as occurs in many disorders, three of the most notable being immune thrombocytopenia, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, and hemolytic-uremic syndrome."

Medications Used in Treatment:
1. Corticosteroids: prednisone, Medrol®, Orapred®
2. Human Immunoglobuln Gs: Hizentra®, Winrho®, Gammagard®S/D
3. Thrombopoiesis Stimulating Agents: Promacta®, Nplate®
4. Megakaryocyte Growth Factors: Neumega®

Suggested Links:
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*[Editor] There is animal research that shows that the anabolic steroid, nandrolone, was able to increase megakaryocytopoiesis(MP) 288% from bone marrow and 599% from bone marrow after irradiated control mice. Although experimental and 30 years ago, "nandrolone may serve to stimulate MP and hematopoietic-inductive microenvironmnent (HIM) recovery both at the stem cell level and in peripheral blood."
Note that Nandrolone is F.D.A. approved in the United States since 1962, manufactured by Organon® in the Netherlands/ bought by Shering-Plough® Ltd./ organized now under Merck in New Jersey -- it is available worldwide.

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