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Dx Growth Hormone Deficiency/ Replacement:

Medications Used in Treatment:
1, Recombinant Human Growth Hormones: Tev-Tropin® Omnitrope® Norditropin®, Humatrope®, Nutropin®AQ, Saizen®, Nutropin® human growth hormone

*[Editor] Fifteen years ago was written, " Other current clinical trials using the aanabolic properties of somatomedin-1 are studying its effect on osteoporosis, catabolic states (burns, post-operation, AIDS) and haematopoietic disorders. Adverse effects of somatomedin-1 appear to be related to overdosage. In conclusion, somatomedin-1 is an important hormone which has a promising role as replacement therapy and appears to have many other potential applications in the clinic.

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*Hear C's Podcast and Testimonial
    'Cee' was seen at 14 years of age on walking braces, 4' 4" tall, completely bald, sleeping 14 hours a day and unable to attend school. She was bright and seemingly unemotional about her affliction. Her mother had consulted more than 17 leading endocrinologists in the United States and Europe who told her mother that 'Cee' would die from heart failure because she could not produce human growth hormone. It was 'not allowed' to be prescribed to adults; i.e. over the age of 12 years. After the 'US Medical Detective' and his colleagues conversed, hGH was started, oral contraception, Vitamin D3, dessicated thyroid, DHEA, and cortisol 30 mg per day. 'C' grew to be 5'1/2" tall, graduate medical school and go on to be a practicing specialist. By the way, she ran a 26 mile marathon to prove to those 'old doctors' that there is only one message in medicine, "do no harm- try!"

*[Editor] Just as a bodybuilder can get stronger on anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, so can people with disease and aging. Human Growth Hormone cannot reverse the aging process, and there is no proof that it slows down the aging process, but the published medical reports for many disease states do show a 'reversal' or 'healing'. When there are no other options, this is considered 'compassionate use' aand a 3- 6 month trial might be considered reasonable should the patient request.

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