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Preventing Recurrent Alcoholism

I, my son, daughter,sister, wife, husband cannot handle drinking alcohol.I see them binge drinking, driving when intoxicated, and lashing out at family around them. It affects their ability in work, school and family. We believe in the 12 step program, but they won't go or won't stick with it.
What can I do?

iDOCTOR says

The Bureau of Justice reports regular alcohol use in 66% of inmates; 33.4% of convictions and 43% continue to use alcohol even under correctional supervision.

There is no treatment for alcoholism that does not require their participation. They must take the following steps:

*1: 12-step daily program with a sponsor that helps the individual deal with the stress that lead to alcohol. One drink will lead back into binge drinking.

*2: Medical treatments, even in expensive rehabilitation facilities, have a dismal record because chemically these individual find an addicted response in alcohol intoxication.

*3: Medical therapy with naltrexone is supposed to decrease the craving. Medical publications show it works no better long term than a sugar pill.

*4: AntabuseĀ®/disulfiram causes the individual who drinks alcohol to profusely vomit. The disulfiram prevents the liver from converting the alcohol so within 30 minutes, there is a buildup of acetaldehyde. Symptoms include throbbing headache, drop in blood pressure, shortness of breathe, palpitations, nausea and vomiting. This drug is effective only alcoholics refuse to take the medication.

*5: Editor has a patented new treatment and delivery system for Implantable Disulfiram Pellets. The Implantable Disulfiram Pellets slowly dissolve over two months. They are part of a specific protocol that can be ordered by a judge. Although in 5-year trial, the success rate of just using placebo (blank) pellets is twice that of doing nothing because the alcoholic is in such fear of the severe vomiting and side effects.

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*1 These Pellets May be the Better Treatment of Alcoholism to date.
*2 Comprehensive 20 minute PowerPoint Movie entitled:
     Alcoholism and Disulfiram: New Discoveries and Treatments
*3 Organized Research Protocol 2014

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