Comprehensive Package

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Write, re-write, or develop your screenplay in just 10 weeks. This intensive 1-on-1 writing course with Professor Horowitz takes you from idea to first draft of a feature length screenplay using accelerated techniques that focus on character, empowering you to develop plots naturally. This is the basis for the decades-long successful course at New York University, that has launched so many successful careers. This course uses a series of visual exercises with a nonlinear approach to traditional three-act structure using simple exercises leading you through a step-by-step process that will result in an organic, finely-tuned first draft with high stakes and memorable characters. This course will jump-start writers who want to learn to structure their screenplay and to fix structure problems before they begin. You will learn to intensify dialogue and bring vivid characters to life. Weeks 1 & 2 are for development of your story idea. Students are expected to write 10-20 pages, or 1 scene a week, beginning in week 3. In 10 weeks – you have a first draft of a complete screenplay! 10-Weeks Private Lessons include: → You will create a detailed and time-efficient action plan to outline and structure your screenplay → You will create a mythic journey map in the tradition of successful Hollywood movies → You will gain an intuitive understanding of the difficult core of movie structure which will serve not just this script but everything you write in the future → Fun and fast exercises to create unforgettable, living characters → The course includes 8 hours of 1-on-1 classes, a reading and an evaluation → A unique evaluation process, which will ensure that when your script goes to market – it will be ready!
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