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We rarely sell a system without at least a phone consultation first. We know it can be confusing choosing the proper system, let us help you choose the best system for your application. 

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Greyflow Rotor Valve

SKU: GFRT-6 $200.00
Grey Flow Rotor 6 Stations

- Quick Overview
- The GF Rotor 6 station hydraulic indexing valve is a great add on to your G Flow greywater system.
- One valve operates evenly and sequentially 2, 3 & 6 zones
- Hydraulic operation means no external power required
- Flow activated means that the unit will operate from a gravity fed tank with less than 1m head pressure
- Suitable for all types of watering systems (sprinklers, drip, garden taps and greywater systems)
- Improves performance of a system by splitting the flows and increasing operating pressures
- Simple, reliable and easy to install
- Requires a minimum flow rate of 10L/min