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We rarely sell a system without at least a phone consultation first. We know it can be confusing choosing the proper system, let us help you choose the best system for your application. 

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Grey Flow- Drip line

SKU: GFDL-100 $180.00
Reliable and efficient cylindrical dripper with turbulent water flow.
Double inlet filter designed for clog resistance.
Suitable for poor quality water and effluent reuse.
Drip rate 10 LPH / 2.6 GPH
Dripper spacing 12"
Lateral diameter. 1/2"/16 mm 328 ft /100 meter roll

Advantages Of The GreyFlow Drip Line:

- Made from flexible polyethylene tubing
- Simple to install into both new and existing gardens
- Suitable for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications
- For Poly Main Line