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Horse Hair -Raku Pottery-Wheel-Thrown Stoneware or Porcelain

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Welcome to Robert Graydon Pottery's online store, your ultimate source for truly original handcrafted pottery from Robert Graydon Pottery. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of pottery to add that unique accent to your home or office. Robert Graydon travels all over the western part of the United States and is featured in many art galleries, art shows, and events. Own a true original today. Use the category links on the sidebar to start shopping for your new pottery from Robert Graydon Pottery!

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The pottery that is created in the studio of Robert Graydon, is developed using different pottery  firing techniques with an influence of the western (Lead Free) style of  raku and the unique and much sought after horse-hair pottery. His artwork is simple, elegant and adds a special touch to any living environment.

Robert produces beautiful stoneware pottery, handthrown, from the wheel and is a master at firing and glazing his pottery that have unique and surreal results that are amazingly beautiful. Starting his art of creating pottery from an early age, Robert has developed several pieces of porcelain, stoneware, vases, plates, and table settings that are a true one of a kind piece of art that you will have for years to come. 

Robert travels through-out several art galleries and shows in locations such as Portland, Seattle, Albuquerque, Tucson, and more areas throughout the beautiful pacific northwest and southwestern part of the united states.