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Keep Your Legs Open eBook

SKU: $10.00
Keep Your Legs Open is written with you, YES you in mind. Each section is short (will take less than 5 minutes to read), easily actionable AND you will get results immediately. Time out for the same ol’, same ol’ in the bedroom. Keep Your Legs Open will Passion, Creativity and Better Sex into Your Marriage. Keep Your Legs Open deals with topics such as: • How to Revv Up Your Sex Drive, no matter where it is . • What happens to the body during orgasm and how YOU can achieve them, even multiple ones. • Ways to get in touch with your body to better share your desires with your husband. Discover when to introduce sex toys, position pillows and other fun tools to enhance sexual pleasure . • Problems or issues that are preventing sexual satisfaction, like painful intercourse, and how to resolve those matters.
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