Life Success Kit

SKU: $27.00
This kit contains everything you need to get the most out of your life and become the success you were always meant to be! No matter what your situation, no matter what you are looking for in life, this kit will empower you to achieve it. You get: How to Empower Yourself Through Flow MP3. This MP3 contains powerful teachings direct from The Rishis. It gives you practical ways to find true happiness, peace, and success as well as how to deal with life's problems as they arise. A $15.95 value. Shamanic Tools For Everyday Success MP3. This MP3, as taught by renowned shaman, clairvoyant, and Reiki Master Kathleen Schramm, contains a variety of powerful tools for moving energy, removing any negative forces from your being, and realizing continuous success in any situation. Includes an amazing meditation you will want to listen to again and again. A $24.95 value. Flow For Success Workbook. This comprehensive workbook features an in-depth primer on flow (what makes you successful), true-life stories of flow in action, practical exercises in discovering your own flow, and much more. A $19.95 value. Shamanic Guide to Ultimate Success. This powerful guide contains exercises, real-life examples, and other tips that empower you to move energy, turn bad situations into positive ones, and much more. Kathleen Schramm has helped thousands of people achieve ultimate success over the years, and now you can learn her secrets right from the comfort of your own home. A $19.95 value.

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