Ghosts, goblins & Santa Claus - An understanding flow audio course

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This audio class, as presented by The Rishis, is a fascinating exploration that looks at common myths throughout history. Questions include: • Throughout history there have been tales of goblins, leprechauns, and other similar beings. Do any of these things exist? • Do ghost exist? Why do people say they see ghosts, are they just their imagination? • What about the black arts? For example, those who dabble in the occult? Can one actually gain power from “worshipping” dark entities? • Is there is a difference if you light a white candle vs. a black candle? Or, to put it another way, do colors have different vibrations? • Is Halloween offensive to God? What about Mardi Gras and similar celebrations? • Where did the concept of a devil and Satan come from? • Can someone be possessed? Is an experience like “The Exorcist” real? • What about angels? • Why can children and animals “see” ghosts and other phenomena? • Is there a Santa Claus? Tooth Fairy? What is the purpose of such things in relation to flow? • Do fairy tales have any basis in reality? Are they actually blockages to flow? • What about aliens? Do aliens exist? Are aliens on this planet? Are they superior to humans? • Is fantasy better than reality? • If I have a good dream that makes me feel great why am I unable to duplicate that experience in my real life?

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