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NO OFFICIAL COVER - Eye Spy examines the tradecraft of Cover and Legend - two crucial subjects for spies operating with No Official Cover


SECRETS OF MI6 REVEALED - As Eye Spy researched the inspiration for Ian Flemings 007 agent, a journey to seek out more clues led to a most dramatic discovery

AMERICAS CYBER PEARL HARBOR - US set to launch pre-emptive cyber attacks as critical infrastructure endangered by foreign hackers

MOST SECRET - The WWII MI9 tradecraft manual which inspired Americas fledgling intelligence services and helped Allied operators behind enemy lines Per Ardua Libertas

LETTERBOX BOMBS - Eye Spy examines the deadly tradecraft of letter and parcel bombs used by terrorists and the counter-measures deployed by intel and security services to protect

ENIGMA AND THE POLISH ODEBREAKERS - The Polish Government is seeking more recognition of its famous codebreakers of the Polish Cipher Bureau who first broke the Enigma code

LIBERTY STREET STING - Joint FBI-NYPD sting operation stops would-be bomber blowing up New York Federal Bank and home to worlds largest gold reserves


FORBIDDEN EXPORTS - US counter-intelligence investigate alleged Russian front company illegally exporting high-end technology back to Moscow - one recipient is FSB

OPERATION SHOW OF FORCE - Israeli censor allows publication of interview with Special Forces commando revealing government involvement with assassination of a senior PLO man

SPIES IN SYRIA - Eye Spy examines the secret intelligence war being played out by many agencies in Syria, this as many fighting factions have been infiltrated or joined by al-Qaida operatives

JAMES BOND: 50 YEARS - As James Bond reaches 50, Eye Spy presents a new series of 007 prints produced by the artist who recently spent a year with MI6. Also... examination of 20 people who have been named as the inspiration for Ian Flemings James Bond character. Fleming was of course an MI6 officer

A BAG OF SECRETS - A British historian has unearthed a Cold War MI5 file which reveals how one of Britains greatest intelligence secrets was left in Londons Ye Old Bell Tavern public house

LITVINENKO: MI6 AND FSB SET TO APPEAR? - The pre-inquest into death of former KGB officer Alexsander Litvinenko from Polonium-210 has taken place. Official says both MI6 and Russia FSB could give evidence




THE HINDAWI CASE - A look back at one of the most infamous operations ever performed by Syrian Intelligence... in London

SECRET SIGNALS: STONEGHOST - FIVE EYES - Canadian intel worker Jeffrey Delisle has pleaded guilty to charges he spied for Russia. Eye Spy reveals just how much literature he gave Moscow and information on programm

THE NEW RECRUITERS - All three British Intelligence services have joined in a initiative to attract the best young talent in the country - this in an endeavour to stop the brain drain to the private sector

REMOTE VIEWING AND INTELLIGENCE - Mike Finn continues his investigation into the controversial subject of remote viewing and psychic spies. In this article he looks at some notable scientists involved with related work

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