Single Issue 067

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Published 28 February 2010

  • Contents:

    Main News Features and Reports

    Anatomy of an Assassin - Mossad Kidon Agents Strike in Dubai

    Black Widows - al-Qaida operatives target the FBI's Achilles Heel in Moscow

    Rakhmann's Botox - intelligence hunt

    London Calling - Iranian intelligence launches attack on what it says is CIA and MI6 interference in programming beamed to Middle East by the BBC and VOA

    Targets in Camera - New Scotland Yard on why London police are interested in photographs and videos

    Moscow Subway Attacked - Black Widows carry out attack on Moscow Metro killing 40 people

    MI5 Spycatchers in London Sting Operation - counter espionage investigation traps former MI6 man

    Most Dangerous - Jihad Jane and the plot to kill another Scandinavian cartoonist

    Ghost of Litvinenko - court rules Boris Berezovsky was innocent of allegations that he was behind the assassination of the former KGB man


    The Poison Pen Plot to Kill Boris Berezovsky

    Nuclear Target? Pakistan security services arrest five US nationals it believed intended to attack nuclear facility

    Stormy Waters - MI5 defends its position on the torture of terror suspect

    Lone Wolves and Clean Skins - CIA warns America is in danger from an emerging threat as more nationals are arrested with terror plots

    Curious - Mossad assassination of Hamas gun runner possible links to two other incidents

    • Special Features
      CIA Spy Games - top Iranian scientist defects

      MI6's London Bank Job - MI6 recruiting former bankers to augment its worldwide efforts

      The Secret Consignment - US shipped 400 bunker busting bombs to secret base in the Indian Ocean

      New Model for Cyber Warfare


    Dark Case Files - conclusion of 100 years of British Intelligence series

    Mind Control - Part IV

    Intelligence Briefs

    China's Spies Target UK

    Airborne and Undercover - BA call centre operator charged with terror offences

    Bin Laden Warns on Execution

    Stirred Not Shaken - Legendary MI6 Spy Daphne Park dies ages 88

    MI5 Spies Out? Computer experts in?

    Al Qaida and its Biological Attack Capabilities - hype or reality?

    Book Reviews

The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror, Mitterrand, the End of the Cold War, and German Unification, Military Intelligence in Cyprus, Spies of the First World War: Under Cover for King and Kaiser, The Entity: Five Centuries of Secret Vatican Espionage, The Great Cold Wars: A Journey Through the Hall of Mirrors, Snitch: A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer, Yemen: Dancing on the Head of Snakes, Intelligence and National Security: The Secret World of Spies, Spies in Arabia: The Great War and Cultural Foundations of Britain's Covert Empire in the Middle East, In Bad Company, Digital Video and Security.

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