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Published 30 November 2009

    • Contents:

      Main News Features and Reports

      The Russian List - Mossad reveal Moscow's secret scientists helping to build Iran's nuclear bomb

      Secret Liaisons and Protocols - UK judge orders British intelligence to release CIA materials on torture

      Dallas Skyscraper Plot - FBI counterterrorism division foils al-Qaida plot to strike at one of the tallest buildings in Texas

      The Northern Project - FBI and Denmark's PET disturb plot to assassinate newspaper man responsible for cartoon of Prophet Mohammed

      FBI Launch Pre-Emptive Raids Across America Against AL-Qaida

      The Northern Project - terror plot in Copenhagen

      Codebreakers - moles, bugs and agent runners

      Hiding in Plain Sight - new method of passing secrets?

      Science Spy - spying for fun - FBI trap would be Mossad agent


      Boston to Iraq - US national joins forces with terrorists to replicate Mumbai attack in Boston city centre

      Spy vs Spy - another book controversy as MI5 object to publication of a book about the Security Services

      Infiltration at Cern - French intelligence agency out long-term al-Qaida sleeper agent at Cern facility

      MI5 Garages Flattened - the famous 'special needs' garages once occupied by MI5's A4 Watchers has been demolished

      World Class Hackers - new type of hacker intent to avoid traps now in use by the world's defence and intelligence services

    • Special Features
      Preventing Espionage - classified UK manual on preventing intelligence leakage

      Norman John Worthington - MI5 registry code-name for former premier Harold Wilson revealed as Service launch commemorative book

      Secret Letters of J Edgar Hoover - Canadian Editor Lynn Hodgson has surprise visitor on his Camp-X spy tour...

      Operation Ivy Bells and Espionage - joint NSA-US Navy operation to tap Soviet deep sea communications

      Enigma Reunion and Exhibit - a gathering of code-breaking enthusiasts at Bletchly Park


    Mind Control Principles - Part III

    Intelligence Briefs

    Rogue Soldier - 13 dead as sympathiser strikes at Fort Hood

    Assassinated Ex-KGB Spy Killed

    Second Nuclear Expert 'Falls' to his Death in Vienna

    USB Terror Stick - airport woman hid al-Qaida terror training manual

  • Tradecraft

    Behind Closed Doors - what transpires after a surveillance operation

    Agent Meeting Points - contrasting spy cases with dead letter drops, meeting points and routines that can meet with exposure

    Book Reviews

The Defence of the Realm: Authorised History of teh Security Services, Spies in the Vatican: The Soviet Unions War Against the Catholic Church, The Terminal Spy, The Cicero Spy Affair: German Access to British Secrets in World War II, Nest of Spies: The Startling Truth About Foreign Agents at Work Within Canada's Borders, Gideon's Spies: History of the Mossad, The Spy Who Loved Us: The Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An's Dangerous Game, The Lost Spy: An American in Stalin's Secret Services, The Archaeologist Was a Spy: Sylvanus G Morley and the Office of Naval Intelligence, True Believer: Inside Story of the Investigation and Capture of Ana Montes, Cuba's Spy Master, Triplex: Secrets from Cambridge Spies, Special Forces: The Ultimate Guide to Survival, Attack Red State: Taking the Fight to the Enemy

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