Single Issue 056

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Published 1 August 2008


Main News Features and Reports

Inside The Leeds 7/7 Bomb Factory

Night Games - how MI5 bugged and surveilled the Trans-Atlantic bombers across London and the south of England

FBI Whistleblower - career FBI officer speaks about 'mis-management' and shadowy operations

Absorbed by 9/11 - Nicky Reilly, terrorist suspect and convert to Islam, tries to kill dozens in Exeter

Russia Downed Unmanned Spyplane

42 Days - Security Support

Judgement Day - justice for 9/11 mastermind


It's Still Espionage - corporate espionage disclosures and methods

Spies, Agents, Operatives and Assets


The Secret Reactor - CIA reveal intelligence and imagery of Syria's destroyed nuclear reactor and three more secrets

MI6 Chief Meets the Mossad - John Scarlett meets with the heads of Israeli intelligence

Black Box - Britain's Home Office examining intelligence-driven programme that will hold and store any form of communication

From Brooklyn to Iraq - former US translator passed on intelligence to Iran, but no one knows his true identity

Talk to al-Qaida - senior police officer believes the West should talk to al-Qaida. But is it possible?

Mary Elizabeth Bowser - woman who spied for the Union inside the Confederate White House

Special Features
Puzzle Palace - confusing and misleading titles used in the intelligence industry

Syria's Secret Nuclear Sites - photo special

Letter From Ft Meade - NSA's National Cryptologic Museum, The Hobo Code

Cyber Warfare Doctrine


MI5's Urgent Quest to Solve a Puzzle - new series reveals spy haunts of the great spy capitals of the world

Feudal Intelligence Gathering Part II

Book Reviews

Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing, Forgotten Voices of the Secret War: Inside History of Special Operations in the Second World War, Operation Kronstadt, The Forgotten Terrorist: Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F Kennedy, Female Agents, Fatal Avenue: A Traveller's History of the Battlefields of Northern France and Flanders 1346-1945, Jane's Gun Recognition Guide: 5th revised edition, Be a Big Time Big Deal Private Eye

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