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Published 27 January 2006


Main News Features and Reports

What Went Wrong With MI6 on Iraq?

MI6 and DGSE in Spy Wars -France created plan to blame MI6 of the sinking of Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior

Iran Out of Time? intel watchers believe an attack on Iran's nuclear industry is inevitable

Viper Surveillance - Air Marshalls take to the streets

Spies - should their identity always be protected?

The Ghost - former spy wanted by Spanish authorities has suddenly emerged from the grave

Agent Parlour Maid - Chinese FBI informant once found guilty of espionage has been been found not guilty by court


End of the Identity Man - Algerian al-Qaida suspect known as 'identity man' jailed in Belfast

Intelligence Failure? UK Board of Inquiry says attack on British helicopter in Iraq could have been prevented if intelligence had not been compartmentalised

BI still searching for Anthrax Man

Special Features
The Briefing Room - official photographs showing how banned weapons are being concealed

MI5 Hall of Mirrors

Secret Signals NSA Playing at Home


Understanding Intelligence - Profiling a Terrorist

Intelligence Briefs

New USA Spy Case

Art of Espionage - Oleg Penkovsky - Soviet Double Agent


Surveillance FBI Style - how to get the most out of them

Hostile Environment Survival

Book Reviews

The Imperfect Spy: Inside Story of a Convicted Spy, Armed Response: Inside SO19 Scotland Yard's Elite Armed Response Unit, Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World, Station 12: Aston House SOE's Secret Centre, Who's Watching the Spies: Establishing Intelligence Services Accountability, Letting the Side Down: British Traitor of the Second World War, Terror Base UK: Inside a Secret War,

Product Review

The Zap Checker


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