Single Issue 027

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Published 16 August 2004


Main News Features and Reports

FBI's Task Force: USA domestic agency creates powerful intel unit to combat growing threat of terrorism.

The Nightmare Scenario: Security specialists ponder closing down huge swathes of inner London as terrorist threat grows.

When the Wind Blows: US Senate investigative commission release responsible report on intelligence failings surrounding 9/11.

Iraq's Niger Quest: Eye Spy reveals the truth behind Iraq's attempts to get uranium.

Secrets of the Spy Trade: Dead letter drops and boxes.


The Bletchley Park Story: The concluding feature on this most important and historic code-breaking British site.

Mossad's Glass Ball: Mossad insist Israel's national passenger airline carry anti-surface-to-air defence systems over London. Why?

CIA's Big WMD Bang.

The Secret War: Armageddon? Israel ready to launch pre-emptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Special Features
INTEL: Tracking biological weapons

Saddam Codename Black List One: Eye Spy takes a look at who was in charge and responsible for the intel happenings at Abu Ghraib prison.

Intelligence Briefs
Michael Smith's column

Intelligence Digest

Storm Clouds Gather Over MI6

John Walker's Spy Ring

A Chilling Reminder

Book Reviews
The Secrets of Rue St Roch: Intelligence Operations Behind Enemy Lines in the First World War, Six Days: How the 1967 War Shaped the Middle East, The Interrogator's War: Inside the Secret War Against Al-Qaeda, Station 43: Audley End House and SOE's Polish Section, Get Rommel: The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General, Crypto: Secrecy and Privacy in the Cold War, Knights of Darkness: Secrets of the World's Deadliest Night Fighters, Stirling's Men: The Inside History of the SAS in World War II, Midnight in Some Burning Town: British Special Forces Operations From Belgrade to Baghdad, Dictionary of Military Terms, and the Puppet Masters: Spies, Traitors and the Real Forces Behind World Events.

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