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Published 13 May 2004


Main News Features and Reports

  • MI5 infiltrate UK universities in a covert operation to monitor suspected al-Qaida terrorist agents.

  • GCHQ and MI5 to help support Britain's newly founded Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). New agency likened to America's FBI.

  • CIA furious that a super-secret spy satellite film showing Osama-bin-Laden at a terrorist camp was leaked to the media (feature includes a still from video).

  • An al-Qaida operation in Jordan was foiled by security forces. Jordanian officials say that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had planned to release a 'chocking cloud of chemicals' over its capital Amman. Had the plan worked, the operation would have 'eclipsed 9/11' said officials.

  • Operation Crevis - MI5 and Scotland Yard discover half a tonne of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in huge anti-terrorist operation - eight suspects detained (photo special accompanies feature).

  • Target Manchester: A huge intelligence-led operation in Manchester against suspected al-Qaida operatives leads to the detention of several men (major photo section ).


  • Russia jails Igor Sutyagin, a suspected CIA agent for 15 years. Russia's FSB says Sutyagin met with CIA agent in an English country manor house. An establishment identified as Alternative Futures linked to affair.

  • Hello Comrade! London under siege as foreign spies engage MI5 in Cold War antics. President Putin calls on his spies to 'get active.'


  • A Strange Twist of Fate: How a simple incorrect time setting made on a mobile phone by the Madrid bombers led to the arrest of the entire al-Qaida backed terrorists. The bombers set the phone to ring at PM instead of AM thus one phone was recovered and led police to a telephone shop...

  • Operation Mason and the Kelly Group: Eye Spy reveals the existence of a Thames Valley Police file code-named Operation Mason. The file remains secret and contains undisclosed data on the death of British MOD scientist Dr David Kelly who supposedly committed suicide after he discussed Iraq's WMD with a BBC journalist.

  • The Library: NSA intercepts several al-Qaida signals that reveal operation against USA infrastructure, notably launching attacks in major cities using trains and buses. This warning comes just days after Madrid train bombs.

  • Curveball - the Informant: The truth behind the mobile Iraqi chemical
    laboratories as one informant - codenamed Curveball - turns out to be none other that the brother of Ahmad Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress.

  • Black Gold: US Oil refineries warned of al-Qaida attack.

  • Bin-Laden Misjudges Feeling in Europe: Bin-Laden offers a 'truce to
    European governments' if no further attacks are launched on Muslim
    countries. Video-taped message is authentic.

  • America's UK Ambassador Joins 9/11 Debate. Now departed William S. Farish accuses former US counterterrorism director Richard Clarke after Clarke proclaimed President Bush had not made terrorism an 'urgent priority.'

  • Out of the Fire? Freed Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu set to reveal more secrets. Scientist is placed under observance again.

Intelligence - New Series

  • Kevin G. Coleman begins a new series of features designed to prepare students entering the intelligence world of the skills required by government. INTEL: Part Two - Winning the 21st Century Intelligence Game

Tradecraft 4 - Series

  • Foot Surveillance. As a surveillance operator, a major portion of
    intelligence will be obtained while out on foot. The exposure risk is high and confidence is an important factor. Foot surveillance carried out single-handedly can be risky and so a minimum of two operators is required. Peter Jenkins author of Advanced Surveillance explains why a good standard of foot surveillance by an operator or team can only be achieved by constant practice and experience.

Product Safety Special Feature

  • Safety Abroad: Protecting Yourself in an increasingly Dangerous World. One of the UK's foremost security experts, Peter Consterdine provides a plethora of tips to help keep you and your family safe when travelling abroad.

Special Features

  • The Bletchley Park Story Part One. Murlyn Hakon MBE provides the first instalment of the remarkable codebreaking methods developed at Bletchley Park and shows how the modern world started from these developments (major photo accompaniment). Includes: Early attempts to break the German Enigma Code, The Enigma Machine, Operating Enigma, Breaking the Enigma Code.

  • D-Day: Men and Machines - 50 Years Ago. The incredible minds and machines behind the greatest amphibious invasion in history.

  • Intelligence: Hearts and Minds. Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, author of the acclaimed Puppet Masters, explains what intelligence is. 'Real professionals know that most intelligence is really a mundane, office routine of collection, collation, interpretation and evaluation,' he says. 'This is followed by dissemination to decision makers with a need to know.' The former Intel Corp officer provides a unique look at the shadowy trade from the business end.

Intelligence Briefs

  • FBI officers visit universities to recruit prospective agents in the war on terror.

  • Mossad blames MI6 and CIA for spinning a circle of flawed evidence over Iraq's WMD.

  • MI5 head Eliza Manningham-Buller states agency has learned of a genuine threat to Parliament over al-Qaida plans involving anthrax.

  • Australia's Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) report of plans to teach its agents in a dedicated 'spy school'.

  • Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir John Stevens vows to interview British intelligence figures to 'get to the bottom' of the Princess Diana affair.

  • US Intelligence Czar? First announcement that the United States is
    considering an overall director of all the intelligence services.

  • FBI Director Robert S. Mueller warns that al-Qaida could try and influence the US Presidential elections.

  • Two British cavers arrested in Mexico after authorities thought they were MI6 agents looking for uranium.

  • UK announce a new security unit has been created to patrol UK trains and stations following the Madrid bombings.

  • A spokesman for the Lockerbie air disaster says he believes convicted Libyan, Aisha al-Megrahi is innocent. 270 people died in the 1988 atrocity.

Intel Snips

  • MI5 issues new guidelines saying it will not employ agents over 6ft tall. Critics say the decision is 'remarkable'

  • Israel's Dimona nuclear plant explained.

  • Security officials in Siberia arrest a student after he sent the CIA an
    email saying he was going to blow up a US subway system.

  • Syria is alleged to have obtained secret intelligence photographs of
    Israel's nuclear weapons.

Book Reviews

  • Loyal Comrades, Ruthless Killers: The KGB and the Soviet Services of the USSR 1917-1991; Wars of the Cold War: Campaigns and Conflicts 1945-1990; The Private Investigators Handbook; Leave No Man Behind: Liberation and Capture Missions; KGB Alpha Team Training Manual: How the Soviets Trained for Personal Combat, Assassination, and Subversion; Elite Forces: The World's Most Formidable Secret Armies; Electronic Surveillance Devices; Secrets of Street Survival Israeli Style: Staying Alive in a Civilian War Zone; Weapons of Mass Destruction: The No-Nonsense Guide to Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Today; The Myth of Homeland Security; Secrets of Surveillance: A Professional's Guide to Tailing Subjects by Vehicle, Foot, Airplane and Public Transportation; The Investigator's Little Black Book 3: The Investigative Resource used by Thousands of Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Media Organisations and Others!; The Big Show: The Greatest Pilot's Story of World War II; Serious Surveillance for the Private Investigator; Ranger Handbook; Putin - Russia's Choice; Eisenhower; Interrogation: Techniques and Tricks to Secure Evidence.

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