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Published 29 January 2004


Main News Features and Reports

  • The Big Deception: FBI intelligence mix-up led to Los Angeles air traffic chaos. Eye Spy learns affair may have been al-Qaida decoy operation as
    target was Abdou Hai - a pseudonym for Osama bin-Laden. 
  • Operation Mass Appeal and the Strange Rockingham Cell. Covert MI6 operation central 
  • to London gaining public support for Iraq war. 
  • No Link with Saddam and Al-Qaida: Little new intelligence to relate two White House targets.
  • Syria Accused of Receiving Iraq WMD. Intelligence suggests three ambulances crossed border carrying anything but patients.
  • The Shoe Bomber's Co-Conspirator? MI5 swoop on British al-Qaida suspect,
    Sajid Badat, who may be linked to Richard Reid.
  • Topoff 2: Simulated terrorist attack reveals holes in USA security services' ability to respond.
  • Gaddafi's Three Card Trick: "Get out of Jail Card" played as CIA find nuclear centrifuges on Libyan-bound ship.
  • November 17 End Game? Greek killers of CIA station chief, Richard Welch, jailed for life.
  • New Diana Inquest: Heightened police fears over Princess Diana's death.
  • MI6 broker deal as Libya gives up it WMD and nuclear programmes.


  • Russian counterintelligence officers arrest "foreign spies".
  • Suspected Sunken MI6 spy ship - Gaul - inquiry opens.
  • President Putin urges FSB to thwart foreign espionage.
  • Chinese official held for spying for Britain.


  • Securing the Skies: New Biometric Scanning Technology to Help Thwart International Terrorism.
  • Cadillac One: A most extraordinary vehicle. Eye Spy takes a close look at the President's remarkable car - a closely guarded secret.
  • The Strange Affair of BA Flight 223: White House "primary target" as bin-Laden uses decoys.
  • New York Takes Al-Qaida 2004 Threat in its Stride. Security high in NYC and Washington for New Year's Eve celebrations.
  • The Secret Weapon: Former Iraqi Lt. Colonel al-Dabbagh says it was his intelligence that the UK and USA used in preparing the WMD files.
  • UK Flights Get Armed Sky Marshals: Security guards drawn from military and police forces.
  • US Sky Marshals - background operations and training.
  • Origins: The National Security Agency: In 2002, the NSA turned 50. Eye Spy presents part one of how the world's most secret organisation came into
  • Guns, Bullets and Myths: Air marshals hold no fear for US pilots.
  • First Strike? TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America (part 1). Jack Cashill examines the background of the fatal crash of TWA Flight 800 over
    Long Island in July 1996, and suggests the airliner was deliberately brought down. [CIA pictures and photo specials]
  • PSE and Voice Stress Analysis: Lie detection for today's world.

Product Reviews

  • The Matrix: Telephone Transmitter. Intercept mobile phone calls from the
    other side of the world using the Matrix.


  • Number 3: Triggers and Operations. Tactics involved in covert surveillance operations by Peter Jenkins.

Photo Specials

  • New York City Police - anti-terrorist police officers - The Hercules Teams.
  • Cadillac One - an amazing series of photos of President Bush's state vehicle.
  • USAF Codename - Angel Fire. Dramatic images of a C-130 transport releasing flares.
  • NSA Museum.

Intelligence Briefs

  • Jose e Padilla, "dirty bomb" suspect set for release.
  • 9/11 "preventable" - claim rejected by White House.
  • Louis Freeh, former FBI chief links Iran to 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Al-Qaida threat moves to UK embassies.
  • Saddam given PoW status as CIA interrogate former Iraqi leader.

Intel Snips

  • FBI seeks international platform.

Book Reviews

  • Shadow Travels

  • Men Behind the Medals

  • Jarhead: A Soldier's Story of Modern War

  • Evader: First British Airman Rescued by the Comete Escape Line in WWII

  • Letting the Side Down: British Traitors of the Second World War.

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