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Published 11 December 2003


Main News Features and Reports

  • The Kidon (Bayonet). Deadly Mossad unit known as Kidon - renowned for international assassinations, has been activated again.
  • The 9/11 Architect: Leaked CIA documents show al-Qaida leader, Osama bin-Laden, was central to Operation Holy Tuesday.
  • Black Rain Project: US creating tactical battlefield nuclear bombs.
  • With the Secret Service and Scotland Yard - President Bush in UK - Photo and security special.
  • Edging Nearer: MI5 Director-General warns of al-Qaida threat in UK.
  • Danger in the Air. Al-Qaida plot to hijack cargo planes and attack US cities.
  • Global Mercury: A secret international anti-terrorist exercise reveals huge security problems. A fascinating item that places al-Qaida terrorists on airliners across the world carrying the smallpox virus.
  • Libya: In from the Cold. New London Embassy opens after decades of sinister actions by Colonel Gaddafi.
  • Top Secret Intelligence Not Shared. Michael Smith reveals how US intelligence policy is jeopardizing al-Qaida infiltration patrols in Iraq.
  • The Extradition Process. Eye Spy's legal editor, Henry Hockeimer,discusses the US extradition process and reveals not everything is black and white.
  • Aboveboard and Legal. 'Anarchy in the UK' is the title of a new book by Annie Machon, former MI5 officer and partner of former renegade MI5 officer, David Shayler.


  • MI5 clandestine operation to bug Pakistan Embassy in London is rumbled.
  • Spy Maxwell. Britain's Foreign Office release new intelligence files on suspected Mossad agent and publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell.
  • NSA Phone Tap - operation exposed. A GCHQ employee passed top secret NSA Iraqi memorandum to media. Katherine Gun has been charged under the Official Secrets Act.


  • The Bible Code: Senior Pentagon officials briefed on controversial research of Michael Drosnin and Dr Eliyahu Rips. Drosnin says Code suggests Armageddon approaches.
  • The United States Secret Service - focus on this most misunderstood organisation.
  • Stepping Stone. Osama bin-Laden secret operation to bring down the House of Saud.
  • Pooling Intelligence. Michael Smith, associate editor of Eye Spy, explains why it is important for Coalition forces in Iraq to share intelligence.
  • Princess Diana Death Fears. Diana believed she would die in a car crash.
  • USA spy conference hears experts speak of new Cold War problems.
  • Tradecraft: The Surveillance Operator. Part Two of a new series by Peter Jenkins, who discusses the qualities and characteristics that are necessary to perform well as a surveillance operator.
  • The 1984 Libyan Embassy Siege.


  • Efraim Halevy, legendary, recently retired Director of Mossad speaks with Eye Spy associate editor, Glenmore Tranear-Harvey.

Intelligence Briefs

  • Huge SAS operation against al-Qaida terror camp revealed.
  • United States military technology threatened by new China-backed European satellite system.
  • CIA man who sold Libya arms could be freed by US courts.
  • 9/11 Mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, could be killer of US journalist Daniel Pearl.
  • Pakistan minister accuses Mossad over 9/11.
  • MI6 Director, Sir Richard Dearlove, will take up a Cambridge post next year.
  • The Bombmaker. France and Australia cooperate over possible al-Qaida cell.
  • Iranian agents locating Jewish targets in UK.
  • Egyptian charged with spying for Mossad.
  • Key UK anti-terrorist medical staff fall ill.
  • Spying 'a risky business'. New novel by former MI5 DG Stella Rimington.
  • US fighters intercept stray aircraft over DC.
  • Iran ordered 1994 bombing of Jewish centre in Argentina.
  • GCHQ Puzzled by signal picked-up at secret facility.
  • Jessica Lynch - more controversy as she fails to meet the man who supplied US forces with information that led to her rescue.
  • Al-Qaidas invisible bomb plot. New device could avoid detection at airports.
  • Saddams envoy tried to stop war.
  • Germany-Bulgaria spy scandal.
  • Bali bomb suspect arrested.
  • Dalzel Job: Real '007' hero dies.
  • Coalition forces place $10m bounty on Iraq official.

Intel Snips

MI6 help bust Venezuelan drugs gang; US rule out Customs search on foreign mail; Pressure mounts on DCI George Tenet over WMD; Iraq intelligence official assassinated; Australian spy starts jail sentence; Special Boat Service officer killed in hunt for Saddam; New York streets named after 9/11victims; Mossad warned of Turkey attacks; Nearly 40 countries now have nuclear capability; Al-Qaida detainee spoke of US forest fires; US box-cutter fears.

Book Reviews
Colonel Blood: The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewels; Counter Terrorism: Weapons and Equipment; Myths and Legends of the Second World War; Mapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling; Gangland: The Lawyers; Jack the Ripper: The American Connection; Operation Heartbreak: The Man Who Never Was; The Virgin Travel Health Book; Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact; The Ultimate Spy.

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