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Published 25 September 2003


Main News Features and Reports
Operation Osiris 2: Huge security exercise in London as simulated gas attack on London Underground takes place. (Also photo special)
Under Observance: Iran secret nuclear bomb programme.
Black Widows: Angel of death assassinated.
NSA seeks wider role in intelligence gathering and analysis.
Arms Game Ends in Newark: UK arms dealer (Hemet Lakhani) caught in US-UK and Russian Intel sting operation.
Hambali - key al-Qaida commander by Thai police following CIA monitoring.
Guantanamo link behind al-Qaida Jakarta hotel bomb that left over 100 people dead.

Red Dawn Rising: CIA believe China grabbed vital technology from captured US Navy EP-3 aircraft.
Searching for Freedom: Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, a US Navy Intelligence officer, seeks release from jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987.
Stasi spy Jeffrey Carney out in the cold, as Germany refuses to issue passport.

The Running Man: David Rupert - FBI-MI5 agent who infiltrated Real IRA speaks in court.
Missing Boeing 727: International search for lying bomb intensifies. Aircraft disappeared from Luanda Airport, Angola, in May 2003, piloted by Ben Padilla.
Flight 93: FBI analysis of tape leads to confusion. New information suggests passengers may not have entered cockpit.
Flight 93: Destination may have been White House according to Abu Zubaydah, captured al-Qaida commander.
Hijacking Enigma: The strange story of the theft of an Enigma machine from Bletchley Park, England.
The Detectives: Sherlock Holmes - the original criminologist. How we he compare to today detectives?
They Flew by the Light of the Moon: SOE agents, daring raids and a charming love story.
British Spies - as you have never seen them! London exhibition showing artwork (skulls) of famous and infamous intelligence officials.

Intelligence Briefs
FBI anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill to sue US Government.
Suicide bomber ill inevitablystrike in UK - Sir John Stevens, Police Commissioner.
Libya accepts responsibility of Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 atrocity.
Paul Bremer, US administrator in Iraq, says al-Qaida terrorists moving into country from Syria and Sudan.
Niger-Iraq uranium scandal forces Alan Foley, CIA WMD expert to resign.
FBI and MI5 forge closer links to combat terrorism.
FBI launch hunt for four suspected terrorists in USA.Intel Snips
UK politician Michael Meacher says US Intel deliberately ignored 9/11 warning as excuse to wage global war; judge rules World Trade Center owners can be sued; British Airways examines anti-missile defence; Jessica Lynch nets $1m book deal; Trial begins of Moroccan al-Qaida quartermaster - Abdelghani Mzoudi, charged with accessory to the murder of 3,066 people (9/11); Security and intelligence computers stolen from Sydney Airport;

Photograph Specials
Greenham Common - former cruise missile launching site in England.

MICHAEL SMITH - Defence Correspondent Daily Telegraph. Inside Story - the crucial points of UK WMD Iraqi dossier and the Dr David Kelly tragedy.
HENRY HOCKEIMER - Former Prosecutor for State of Oklahoma discusses new Patriot Act intended to stop cash reaching terrorist groups.

Product Review
The Spy Guide: Office Espionage; Pyramid Imaging ZT-7-3 covert wireless camera.

Book Reviews
Conspiracy; All the Shah Men; Hijacking Enigma; Cold War; Fire from the Forest; Erik Hazelhoff; The Old Vengeful; Empire State; Typhoon.

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