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Published 14 August 2003


Main News Features and Reports
The Fall Guy: UK leading Iraq WMD investigator commits suicide.
The Death of Dr Kelly: Loss of a major UK intelligence asset.
Collective Blame: 9/11 US intelligence Inquiry reports: ot good> Anti-terrorist seats on aircraft - unique project.
CIA adamant of mobile Iraq WMD laboratories.
Niger envoy at centre of yellowcake row/forged documents and overview.
WMD - only fragmentary evidence exists.
Lie Another Day: WMD expert David Kelly crushed by BBC story and Downing Street.
Agent Stakeknife: More details on alleged MI5 spy.
CIA warning as 727 airliner goes missing in Africa.
NSA intercept new coded al-Qaida targets in USA.
Fools Gold: Washington fury over bad British intelligence - Niger illusory uranium deal with Iraq.
The Nuclear Alley: Iran secret nuclear programme.
MI5 Director-General, Eliza Manningham-Buller lectures in London about al-Qaida terrorists.
Intel tingbackfires? Renegade politician George Galloway set to sue over Iraq allegations.
North Korea and Iranian nuclear scientists meet in secret.
BI pressure grows on controversial UK cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, as plans to remove his citizenship are discussed,
Two former CIA Directors (John Deutch and James Woolsey) differ over Iraq WMD.
Terrors Tourist: Transport memo warns of new al-Qaida hijackings.
CIA create new digital Saddam makeovers to help in hunt for removed Iraqi dictator.
Confusion over real hero in Jessica Lynch incident.
Uday and Qusay Hussein killed in Mosel, Iraq.
CIA agent who confirmed Saddam position at beginning of war, believed to have been executed.

The Stasi Jigsaw Puzzle: New secrets held by former East German secret police could be revealed.
CIA set to expose staggering 50,000 Stasi spies.
FBI find documents buried by NRO spy - Brian Regan.

Private Jessica Lynch: Truth may be unpalatable for Hollywood to stomach.
The Spying Game: Insight into new book disclosing intelligence secrets in UK.
Defendo Revisits Camp X: Review of a rare fighting art used by special agents in WWII.

Intelligence Briefs
Hopes fade for missing US Navy pilot Michael Speicher - lost in Gulf War One.
North Korea and Iran - secret nuclear meetings.
CIA adamant WMD evidence from Iraq will emerge.
New York appoints FBI counterterrorism expert (Psquale J Dmuro).
Convicted former MI5 officer David Shayler loses appeal.
Paul Wolfowitz, US Deputy Defence Secretary comments on link of al-Qaida and Iraq.

Intel Snips
GCHQ relocation plan 450m over budget; bizarre story of Saddam and magic; Spy camera inventor, Walter Zapp dies; Uranium recovered in Iraq; German exhibition celebrates Baader-Meinhof terror gang.

Photograph Specials
Unseen images given to Eye Spy of covert Iraqi minelayer disguised as tug boat.
The Kremlin Guard: Moscow Secret Service and President Putin State visit to UK.

Advanced Surveillance
NEW SERIES: Peter Jenkins discusses new methods of surveillance used by the security services across the world.

Book Reviews
React: CIA Black Ops; Espionage: Spies and Secrets; The Bruneval Raid: Stealing Hitler Radar; The Stasi Files; Terror Source; Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers; The Spying Game; SOE Scientific Secrets; 30 Days: At the Heart of Blair War; Terrorism: Inside a World Phenomenon; Michael Stone: None Shall Divide Us; Radio Captain Midnight; Harry Gold; Arafat.

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