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Published 26 June 2003


Main News Features and Reports
CIA told to monitor Iran nuclear ambitions.
Stakeknife - MI5 ewel in the Crown Fury as identify of British agent who infiltrated IRA revealed.
Was UK bomb suspect killed by his own handlers in Israeli terror attack (Omar Khan Sharif)?
Dora Farm Bunker - IA illusion?br> Worldwide Update on successes against al-Qaida.
Laughing bomber Amrozi goes on trial for Bali bomb outrage.
MI5 investigate reports that Mossad death squad is in UK.
Footage shown by Saddam of dead babies due to insufficient medical resources, a hamaccording to Iraq own doctors.
Bring Down Brooklyn Bridge: Al-Qaida call to US-based terror cell.
All the Prime Minister Men: Downing Street under siege over bad WMD intelligence claims.
Cloak and Dagger: CIA and MI6 uneasy about handling of Iraq WMD intelligence.
Masterminds of Terror: How the attack on America was planned.
Armies of the Night: Terrorists act on secret message in released bin-Laden tape.
CIA capture Abikhar Mohamed (alias Issa), leading al-Qaida agent in North Africa.
Night of the Long Knives: Operation Sabre: Serb Intelligence foil coup dtat by Milosevic followers.

The Spies Beneath Berlin: Exclusive feature showing MI6 officers who built the vertical shaft of the spy tunnel beneath the Russian Embassy in Berlin.
Redressing the Balance: CIA agent Alexander Zaporozhsky, gets 18 years in prison for spying.
Spy case ends in Australia as prostitute walks free,

MI5 tracked Jewish bombers in 1946: Terror gangs plotted London assassinations.
SMERSH: eath to SpiesProclaimed Stalin,
Whispers from the Canyon: A tribute to the Navajo code talkers from WWII.
Watchers in the Crowd: Secret bodyguard tactics of a Russian operative.
In From the Cold: War on Terror brings back the blimp as an observational platform.
Atom bomb spy (Klaus Fuchs) was missed by MI5 - new released Intel papers show.
CIA man James Critchfield, acknowledges mistakes in past were hugely costly.
Camp 30 - Bowmanville: Historic look at WWII German POW camp in Canada.
How the USA reaches its decision on terror alert status.

Intelligence Briefs
Bin-Laden had planned to meet Saddam.
Canada CSIS aware of emerging terror threat.
Steven Hatfill - anthrax suspect, says his life has been recked by FBI surveillance teams.
CIA investigate fate of Saddam.
Al-Jazeera sackings after Iraqi spy links.
Man held over 1984 murder of CND activist Hilda Murrell.
CIA believe al-Qaida secretly building nuclear device.
US road map for peace in Middle East in tatters.
MI5 hunt foreign spies - in Belgium.

Intel Snips
Guantanamo Bay suicide attempts; German peacekeepers murdered in Afghanistan; profile on Fazul Abdullah Mohammed - al-Qaida terrorist; CIA and MI5 discuss global security issues in London;

Photograph Specials
Legacy of bin-Laden - huge concrete defences go up in London ircle of concrete
Interview: Unmasking evin Fulton In-depth interview with UK special agent in Northern Ireland.

Book Reviews
War on Saddam; Baghdad Spies; Masterminds of Terror; Enigma Variations; MI5 - The Security Service; Defending the Realm; Tuxedo Park; Lost Lives; Rogue Warrior of the SAS; Zacarias Moussaoui; Two Minutes over Baghdad; Secret Intelligence of the 20th Century; The Passport; Pinochet in Piccadilly; German Naval Code Breakers; Guillotine; Asymmetries of Conflict; Soldier Against the Odds; Researching the Troubles.

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