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Published 15 May 2003


Main News Features and Reports
British suicide bombers strike soft targets in Israel.
Operation Iraqi Freedom: The intelligence war with Iraq begins as satellite imagery obtained.
MI6 duped by forged Niger documents stating Iraq tried to purchase ellowcakefor uranium.
Operation Magnesium: MI5 and MI6 cause chaos for al-Qaida across Europe as agents rounded-up.
Ansar al-Islam terror group wiped out in Northern Iraq did produce ricin.
Iraq: Secret UK and US Intel meeting that blew the United Nations away.
Al-Qaida attack on US consulate in Karachi foiled.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: So where has Saddam hidden his WMD?
An Intelligence Gem or Plant: Documents uncovered in Iraq point to a British politician receiving huge sums of money from Saddam - but evidence suggests they were hoaxed.
USS Cole - another suspect arrested.
Al-Qaida Secret Chemical Programme: CIA believe terror group close to producing anthrax.
Secret Warfare: The propaganda and intelligence war with Iraq.
For God, Queen and Country: UK military intelligence collusion in paramilitary killings in Northern Ireland.
Old scores settled as secret Serb police factions clash and Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic assassinated.

FBI agent Katrina Leung arrested for allegedly spying for China.
British traitor Ian Parr jailed for 10 years.

Sanctuary: Exclusive feature on Rudolf Hess including previously unseen material (original letters) on his stay in Berlin... was it really Hess?
Operation Atlas: The security of New York City. How the Big Apple won be caught sleeping again.
The Rise and Fall of Abu Abbas - terrorist killed by CIA in Iraq and main planner of the infamous Achille Lauro hijack.
Number One Storey Gate: The opening of Churchill War Rooms in London.
Justice Hunter: Focus on John Walsh - popular TV personality in USA.
High Stakes over Skies of North Korea: Intelligence gathering operations during Korean war.
The Strange World of a Propaganda Clown: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf - Iraq information minister.
BBC creates fanciful new drama on Britain notorious traitors (Cambridge spy ring) invoking much criticism.

Intelligence Briefs
President Bush talks about WMD and Tariq Aziz.
1865 US Bill of Rights saved by FBI agent.
New US report shows how the nuclear clock is ticking as rogue nations race towards the bomb. Intel Snips
Former CIA man, General John A Gordon appointed Homeland security advisor; N17 terrorists apologise for 20 year of carnage and death; new X-ray technology revealed; French Intelligence score successes against al-Qaida suspects; CIA believe al-Qaida finance slashed by 90%.

Photograph Specials
The opening of Churchill War Rooms in London.

Book Reviews
Weapons of Mass Destruction; Saddam Hussein: An American Obsession; Secret Operations of the SAS; Armed Struggle: A History of the IRA; Blondie: Founder of the SBS; The Searchers: Radio Intercepts in WWII; Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers; Lincoln Spymaster; Undercover Operator: SOE Agent; Cheating Death; Freetown Ambush.

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