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Published 20 March 2003


Main News Features and Reports
Foiled: Al-Qaida assassins planned to kill British Defence chief Admiral Sir Michael Boyce.
The ingpinof Al-Qaida Captured: Pakistan ISI arrest 9/11 astermindKhalid Sheikh Mohammed after shoot out in Islamabad.
Operation Victory: MI6 agent (Brian Gibbs) in bizarre Cayman Island court case.
Secret mission ends in tragedy: Failed CIA intelligence gathering operation see three operatives captured in Colombia.
Race Against Time: European intelligence agencies meet to discuss al-Qaida irty bombplot.
Ninety Days - 90 arrests - al-Qaida cells broken.
Opening Pandora Box - Again: The removal of Saddam discussed by UK and US security services.
Richard Reid - the Shoe Bomber - defiant to end.
Iraq sends its host shipsto sea.
Marwan al-Shehhi becomes first man sentenced to prison for his role in 9/11 atrocity.
Threat Level Black: Al-Qaida surface-to-air missile threat brings Heathrow Airport to a standstill.
MI5 uncover plot to kill bring aircraft down in central London.
Al-Qaida team arrive in UK with surface-to-air missile.
MI5 lose track of al-Qaida agents in UK.
CIA launch bitter attack on media who blame it for 9/11 failure.
Operation Check Mate: CIA determine new hosts of al-Qaidaafter most of the original senior commanders arrested or killed.
US police go undercover to catch al-Qaida sleeper cells and supporters.

Deadly American Spy Fantasy: US intelligence analyst Brian Patrick Regan convicted of espionage.
Operation Primrose: Allan Nunn strange deathbed confession.
Serbia fires head of its secret service (Andrija Savic).

Operation Cyanide: Why the bombing of the USS Liberty in 1967 by Israeli aircraft, almost caused WWIII.
Tube Alloys Project: Britain and American nuclear bomb research excludes France.
Road to Safety: Russian security system how to stay safe in your vehicle.
The Hollywood Spooks: A look at how cinema portrays the spy!
Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order: POW, spies and dummies at Camp 30 in Canada.
Intelligence Briefs
India expels Pakistan piesbr> FBI advise to universities over security fears in some laboratories.
Keyghost technology launched.
USAF purchases unmanned Global Hawk drones.
Chile spymaster Vladimiro Montesinos goes on trial.
Al-Qaida cells till activein UK - Sir John Stevens.
UK and USA defence contract workers murdered in Gulf region.
New York City police success monitored by law enforcement forces across globe.
Bin-Laden son, Saad, turns up in Iran.
Moscow Centre: A look at the Cold War days of Russian spying in London.

Intel Snips
UK police to wear total body armour following death of officer in al-Qaida raid; MI5 introduce new security measures on London Underground; Man with hand-grenade brings Gatwick Airport in London to standstill; al-Qaida attack on Pearl Harbour thwarted; North Korea intercepts USAF aircraft;

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number Six: Video Photography - the art of obtaining covert film footage.

Photograph Specials
Rare unseen images of the Gulf War.
Al-Qaida missile graffiti near Houses of Parliament.
Protest against looming war with Iraq.

Book Reviews
The American CIA Agent; Daggers Draw: Real Heroes of the SAS & SBS; Commando; Missing Believed Killed; Last Man Down: The Fireman Story; Elite Forces; Lock & Load; The Real Bravo Two Zero; Lord Haw Haw; The Winking Fox; Silver Dagger - Camp X.

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