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Published 31 October 2002


Main News Features and Reports
Bali bomb blast kills 200.
The Death Star: British ship carrying nuclear waste 36,000 miles is monitored by MI6.
Storms of Yemen: US moves assassination squads into Yemen to kill al-Qaida fighters.
Saddam unlikely to use WMD - CIA assessment.
The Ghosts of Bonnie and Clyde: ETA most wanted (Antonio Guridi and Ainhoa Mugica, captured.
4 October 2002 - Defining Day- Attorney-General John Ashcroft after the major successes against al-Qaida.
Moment of Truth: Former MI5 officer David Shayler awaits his fate over security charges.
The Big Steal: Top secret Iraq Navy Intelligence files reveal chemical war plan.
Al-Qaida looks to attack commercial targets.
Kerim Chatty - suspected al-Qaida member and hijacker released.

A Cold War Spy? Investigation to determine if former UK Prime Minister, Harold Wilson (codename Olding), was a KGB spy.
Royal Family and the Tampa Fiasco: Espionage and honey traps casts shadow on Australian intelligence credibility.
Shake the Tree: The UNSCOM spy scandal in Iraq as WMD inspectors accused of spying for CIA.
A Long Way to Tipperary: New research could conclude identity of body - Sidney Reilly case.
Hydra treasures go on show. Communications installation at the secret Camp-X.

Stealing the Fire: Journalists uncover Germany nuclear deal with Iraq.
Oklahoma City Bombing: A prelude to 9/11? Part 1.
MI6 Code of Silence Broken: Widow reveals husbands role in Secret Intelligence Service.
Oeill - A Voice in the Wilderness: Weeks before 9/11 FBI agent John Oeill tried to warn of the dangers of al-Qaida. He was to die in the WTC attack.
Lie Detectors: CIA to reconsider effectiveness.
Stay on the Path: Personal security when travelling abroad.
The Kolchuga Tapes - Murder Most Foul: Iraq can now see USAF stealth aircraft with cquired> Otto Kretschmer Secret Tunnel: German POW escape tunnel at Camp 30, Canada, revealed. Intelligence Briefs
UK releases first raqi Weapons Dossier
Uranium discovered in taxi on Iraq border.
Operation Dragnet - Europe-wide raids on al-Qaida cells and suspects.
IRA codename for Tony Blair discovered - aive idiot
Bin-Laden arningtape is authentic.
Al-Qaida man warned of Bali atrocity.
Outgoing MI5 DG (Stephen Lander) son found dead.
Mossad activate assassination units.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh defends agency after 9/11 criticism.

Intel Snips
Pearl killer - first link to Osama bin-Laden; assassination plot against Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf foiled; Rumsfeld says al-Qaida perating in Iraq Scott Ritter says raq has no WMD

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number Three: Can You Truth the Telephone?

Photograph Specials
White House releases satellite images of Iraq alleged WMD factories.

Book Reviews
Who Killed Diana?; ACID: Secret History of LSD; Finders Keepers; The [Berlin] Wall; Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up; Net Spies: Who Watching You on the Web?; Memoirs of a British Agent; The Woman from Mossad; Psychic Battlefield; Fighting Scared: Para, Mercenary, SAS, Sniper, Bodyguard.

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