Rudolph Hess

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Rudolf Hess
A New Technical Analysis of the Hess Flight, May 1941
John Harris & Richard Wilbourn
10th May 1941, a day which potentially could have changed the history of the world. That day saw Rudolf Hess, the deputy Führer, make his flight to Scotland in a a Messerschmitt Bf 110. Quite why he did this has never been truly established? Had Hess gone mad, or was this a carefully calculated peace mission? The Hess flight to Scotland has since become shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories have engulfed the ill-fated mission.

Wild speculation concerning Hess's connections with the British establishment persists; Was the king's brother involved in the Hess flight? A technical analysis of the most important aspect of the affair, the flight itself has been lacking. Until now. The analysis performed is the key to understanding the character of the flight and brings to light astonishing new evidence. The British knew Hess was coming.

This ground-breaking work answers for the first time:
· What motivated Hess to make the flight?
· Did Hitler know beforehand of the Hess flight?
· Did the British know he was coming?
· Were the major British protagonists loyal?
· Why did the British not exploit the arrival of the Deputy Fuhrer for propaganda purposes?
· Was it Hess who crashed at Eaglesham?
· Were the Poles-in-exile involved?
· Precisely what went wrong?
· And not least—this proven for the first time—where exactly was Hess heading?

JOHN HARRIS has been researching the Hess flight for 25 years. He has published three books on the subject during that time: Rudolf Hess – The British Conspiracy – Jema –1994; Hess: The British Conspiracy – Andre Deutsch –1999; and Rudolf Hess: The British Illusion of Peace – Jema –2010. He lives in Northampton. Harris’s co-author RICHARD WILBOURN has travelled with him throughout Europe in search of the truth. Both have contributed articles to History Today magazine and Eye Spy.
Hardcover, 320 pages. UK £22.50, USA $40.00, ROW £24.99

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