The History of Special Operations in Canada

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Lynn Hodgson

The History of Special Operations in Canada tells the true story of the very close relationship between Canada, Great Britain and the United States, during World War Two.

You’ll learn where Winston Churchill would have housed his government in-exile in the event that Hitler’s invasion of Great Britain had been successful. You’ll read about the operations of Station ‘M’ (Magic) operating out of the basement of Casa Loma in Toronto; the exciting story of how eight-billion dollars in gold bullion was sent to Canada from Great Britain for safe-keeping and how William Stephenson and the secret British Security Coordination was able to operate freely in the USA all during the war years.

• Did eight billion dollars in gold really sail from England to Canada in WWII; and if so, why?
• Did Kim Philby, the infamous Russian Spy really write the secret agent training centre (Camp-X) syllabus and if so, how could this happen?
• Was Casa Loma in Toronto really to become the location for Winston Churchill’s government-in-exile and was it the top-secret location for Station ‘M’?
• Did Sir William Stephenson, codenamed ‘Intrepid’ by Winston Churchill really kill a man in New York City at a time when the United States was neutral?

Special Operations, though not called as such at the time, have been around since biblical times. In fact, one of the earliest operations known to man goes back to the Trojan Horse mission, which is recorded as being executed with amazing precision. Whether true or not, its concept and design was brilliant; what better way to embed special operatives into your enemies’ territory?

The history and events of ‘Special Operations’ is still in it’s infancy, and may take another 50-70 years to finally be revealed. Here, you have an opportunity to explore its evolution and ponder it’s implications, for future generations.

Eye Spy Canadian Editor
Lynn Hodgson

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