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March 2002

Published 28 March 2002
Main News Features and Reports
Britain’s prepares intelligence dossier on Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.
CIA close in on Daniel Pearl’s murderers.
US and British Embassy attacks foiled.
Operation Anaconda begins in Afghanistan.
US troops die as Chinook struck by al-Qaida missiles.
Al-Qaida’s Deadly Cache - plans to poison Rome’s water supply thwarted.
Operation Large and Pivoting Dancer: MI5 swoop on bomb suspects.
Al-Qaida plan to destroy Big Ben and Statue of Liberty.
The Gatekeeper: CIA believe Abu Zubaydah is alive and in control of many fighters.
Israeli spy ring uncovered in America.
Former CIA spymaster (David Cohen) chosen to head NYC police intelligence department.
Rafael Bravo jailed for trying to sell UK secrets.
The Famous Washington Spy Tour. A glimpse of some famous spy sites in D.C.
The Spy Who Wrote Me: Tales of spies who have burst into print.
Manchurian Candidates: Mind control experiments and the deadliest secrets of the Cold War,
Camp-X - A view to a kill: Ian Fleming’s Canadian secrets.
The Secret World of Irish Intelligence. A rare glimpse of Ireland’s intelligence services.
The Misunderstood D Notice. Eye Spy meets the man in charge of the UKs Defence Advisory Committee.
Beneath City Streets: A look at some unusual buildings and sites in secret London.
Latest CIA Secret Weapon: Skymaster observation aircraft.
From Russia with Love: Feature on the security and intelligence scene in Russia.
Richard Tomlinson - former MI6 officer refused permission to enter USA.
The Secret American Government Bunker - Greenbrier.
U-571 (Capturing Enigma). Myths and motion movies. Hollywood gets all the facts wrong.
CIA hit back following criticism of 9/11.
The Big Squeeze: MI6 and CIA score successes against al-Qaida.
Boost for Washington’s Cold War Museum.
Intelligence Briefs
Mossad agent exposed in Turkey.
CIA run 130 U2 missions over North Korea.
The Prelude: US intelligence goes dreadfully wrong before 9/11.
Depressed Roosevelt “gave Stalin victory.”
Former CIA spymaster (David Cohen) chosen to head NYC police intelligence department.
Iranian Intelligence “all over Afghanistan” - report.
Lofti Raissi - alleged “hijackers aviation” tutor released.
US Secret Service agents lose Vice President plans.
Dead letter drops in London.
The Stasi secret Berlin call girls.
Intel Snips
MI6 intel suggests Iraq holding USAF pilot (Michael Speicher); sources claim bin-Laden escaped Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia; al-Qaida fighters in Lebanon; strange case file (Sir Peter Horsley) with similarities to car crash involving Princess Diana; Kohl’s Stasi secrets remain hidden.

Book Reviews
KGB lexicon: Soviet Intelligence Officer’s Handbook; Intelligence Services in the Information Age; The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider; Irregular Soldier; Ghost Force: Secret History of the SAS.

Photograph Specials
Bor 5 - Unmanned Russian Space Shuttle auctioned in USA - remarkable photographs.
A picture tour showing some fascinating spy sites in Washington DC.

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