Surveillance Sunglasses

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Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine Rear-view Surveillance Sunglasses

Ideal for overt, covert and countermeasures

Years ago, rear-view sunglasses were fitted with tiny mirror attachments (interior and exterior) and were difficult to adjust if the mirrors moved or the target suddenly changed direction or crossed the street. Users had to make exaggerated head-movements to keep the target under observance and they were clumsy and easily spotted by experts. How things have changed. Eye Spy only stocks the metal-framed built-in glass mirror type. They are remarkably good and a particular favourite with the FBI and US Secret Service. For the public, they provide added personal security.

When you need to know what's happening behind you, simply 'pop' the glasses on. They become your third eye and can help avoid making unnecessary moves or situation stops during a surveillance. They work well in most lighting conditions allowing you to monitor targets in a cafe or building - though avoid using at night.

Part of the lens on each inner edge is mirrored (inside the glass) so you can actually see behind you while you are looking forward. The user simply moves his eye gently to the right or left and the image behind appears. No jerky head-movements needed to keep the target under surveillance.

They are ideal for all types of surveillance, (including counter) and are impossible to detect by observation alone. For security guards carrying cash or valuables they are a must. Similarly, police, professional bodyguards or soldiers find that these sunglasses provide a wider-picture of operations. When a police officer stops a suspect vehicle and invites the occupants to remain seated, he often returns to his vehicle to call in the registration. These glasses allow him or her to covertly monitor the occupants - who may discard items from the car, or worse still, produce a weapon. Air Marshals augment airport and on-board airliner operations using Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine sunglasses.

This particular model has also become popular with citizens wanting additional protection from stalkers, or undesirables. They will alert you to danger - at a cash machine for example. For walkers or joggers they can help you ascertain unseen dangers. For businessmen, they allow you to quietly judge reactions of colleagues while looking away. They can also be used by school supervisors in children’s playgrounds. However, they are first and foremost a professional surveillance product.

Don't confuse these sunglasses with cheap toy models - interestingly, some may also bear the name 'Eye Spy' - be particular wary of these. Others still use plastic lenses and have mirrors attached to an extended (wide) frame. They are easily identified.

Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine rear-vision surveillance sunglasses have a black-metal designer frame, rubber-backed ear drop-over (for comfort) and superb glass lenses. Each set comes in a high-quality black hard-case.


No-one can determine (simply by looking or touching) that these glasses are different from any other sunglasses.

This model is used by professional law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere.

A great product to own or share. This model is easily the best on the market. Eye Spy surveillance consultants note that 'having three eyes' takes a little time to get used to, similarly, we recommend that you allow time for your eyes to adjust.

NOTE: NEVER wear driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery.

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