Single Issue 009

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Published 16 May 2002


Main News Features and Reports
CIA capture Abu Zubaydah - al-Qaida atekeeper(CIA codename).
St Patrick Day Heist: The break-in at Castlereagh police station in Belfast. Intel records stolen and agentsexposed.
Tick Tock: Iraq nuclear technology betrayed by defectors to MI6.
USA and UK draw up plans to attack Iraq.
Osama bin-Laden releases ropaganda tape
Spain intelligence service (CESID) capture Ahmed Brahim, al-Qaida senior finance man.
The Worst Kept Secret: How Chile intelligence service helped MI6 in the Falklands War.
The Jackal: Omar Saeed Sheikh arrested over murder of Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl.

Sewers of the Past. Story of suspected US spy Edmond Pope and his ordeal in a Russian jail.
Clandestine Women: The untold story of women in espionage. (USA exhibition).
Echelon - the Myth? Feature on the NSA spy satellite and interception system.
Spy Games: US accused by Russia of trying to obtain secrets by unorthodox methods (Manchurian Candidates).
Brian Regan USAF, charged with trying to sell secrets to Iraq, China and Libya.
DIA officer, Ana Belen Montes confesses to spying for Cuba.
The Big Heat: Espionage - who knew what regarding the Mossad spy ring uncovered in America at the time of 9/11.
The secret Urban Moving Systems company of New Jersey (see above spy ring case).
British Aerospace engineer, Ian Parr, accused of espionage.
Spy satellites and nuclear midnight: The history and purpose of projects Corona, Argon and Lanyard.
Feature on the Cambridge Spy Ring.
The mysterious Sacagawea.

The Curate Egg - The Annals of MI6 Part 1. Major feature on the British Secret Intelligence Service.
The Wall of Blinding Light: Secret WWII project to make tanks nvisible
FBI accused by Russia over Hanssen affair.
Whatever happened to the anthrax investigation?
The Strange Affair of the Shifa Pharmaceutical Plant - Sudan (Salah Idris - owner).
Sir Roger Casement - Black Diaries are authentic.
Spy Satellites for Hire.
View of the security and intelligence scene from Moscow.
UK intelligence agents set to reveal covert operations in Ireland.
The Spectre of the Red Brigades: Feature on terrorist group and its atrocities.

Intelligence Briefs
The repaired USS Cole heads for open seas again.
Pentagon anger as French author Thierry Meyssan publishes book he Frightening Fraudalleged 9/11 was staged.
Bin-Laden orders former King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, to be assassinated.
A look at the new crests for GCHQ and the Northern Ireland Police Service (plus MI6 crest).
US Congress accuses IRA of FARC (Columbia) links.

Intel Snips
Kursk crew urvived for hours al-Qaida offers huge bounty for dead or alive US troops in Afghanistan; Somalia - al-Qaida link rejected.

Book Reviews
War of the Black Heavens: Battles of Western Broadcasting in the Cold War; The Secret State: Whitehall and the Cold War; Gentleman Spies: Intelligence Agents in the British Empire and Beyond; Flight from Reality: Rudolf Hess and his Mission to Scotland in 1941; Looking for Mr Nobody: The Secret Life of Goronwy Rees.

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