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Published 12 December 2002


Main News Features and Reports

The Waiting Game: UK Intel believes spectacular attack imminent.
Abd al-Rahim al-Nashire - al-Qaida Gulf liaison man captured by US Special Forces.
Pandora Box: Al-Qaida strikes in Kenya as Jewish hotel and airliner targeted.
CIA Cold Rain: Former Osama bin-Laden guard (Ali Qaed Sunian al-Harthi) killed by Predator in Yemen.
Bali and High Finance: CIA believe al-Qaida financed Bali bomb.
Death of a CIA Maverick: Former DCI Richard Helmes dies.
The Prague Connection: No evidence Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague.
End Game: Former MI5 officer David Shayler jailed for six months for breaching Official Secrets Act.
Underworld: Al-Qaida menace now spread throughout the world.
MI5 arrest al-Qaida European mbassador Abu Qatada,

Operation Dragonfly: MI5 sting nets British traitor Ian Parr; secrets on sale were Storm Shadow.
Spy Scandal: Swedes expels Russians for spying on telecom giant Ericsson.
A Dandy in Aspic: The 1960s Profumo affair. Plus, was Dr Stephen Ward murdered?
A Child Garden of Espionage: 1940s Radio show Captain Midnight and ode-of-graphs
DIA officer Ana Belen Montes sentenced to 25 years for spying for Cuba.
Russian Colonel Alexander Sypachev charged with spying for CIA.
True Spies: How MI5 infiltrated groups regarded as political subversive.
Lt. Colonel Omar al-Hayed of the Israeli Army charged with espionage.

The Strange Case of Yvonne Ridley: Allegations that CIA and MI6 plotted to kill journalist.
The Enemy Within: Aftermath of the Washington Beltway Sniper killings.
The Long Arm of Mossad.
Escape and Evasion: Teachings of the Russian martial art - the ystem
Oklahoma City Bombing: A prelude to 9/11? Part 2 - plus Project Bonjinka.

Intelligence Briefs
Al-Qaida link to killing of US diplomat Larry Foley.
White House introduces sweeping new wire tap laws.
French oil tanker Limburg struck by dingy packed with explosives.
Hoover futile hunt for ommunistchess player (Bobby Fischer).
US ponder establishing MI5-type organisation.

Intel Snips
80m theme park based on espionage to open in France; MI5 recruiting drive to attract UK Blacks and Asians; FBI warn of ult teachingsin Yoga book; bin-Laden fifth wife, Amal al-Sadah arrested in Yemen;

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number Four: Are You Being Bugged?
Trade Secrets
HARD PINS Crests, insignia and secret identification used by the world secret services.

Photograph Specials
A spectacular view of the Royal Navy Rosyth nuclear base in Scotland.

Book Reviews
War, Science and Terrorism; Without Enigma; Both Sides of the Fence; Hitler V-Weapons Sites; The Women Who Lived for Danger (SOE - WWII); The Flight of Rudolf Hess: Myths and Reality.

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