Satchel DVR

SKU: ES-HCLeopard £105.00
Leather Satchel hidden camera DVR
This particular DVR features a remote that activates the unit discreetly, allowing you to start and stop recording without approaching the device.

Quality color video. The camera records 720 x 480 resolution footage at 30 frames per second. Clear video ensures the essential details are visible. The video is stored to 4GB of internal memory.


Easy to use
Looks just like a small travel case
Stylish leopard print
Video timestamp

Technical Specs

Video Resolution: 720 x 480 @ 30fps
Storage: Internal 4GB
Storage Consumption: ~150MB consumed every 5 minutes
Battery Life: Up to 120 minutes
Dimensions: 8" x 4.4" x 1.5"


1 x Hidden Camera Leopard Print Satchel Handbag
1 x Remote control
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instruction Booklet

Compatible with

Windows up to Win8

$179.00 US (£105.00 UK)


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