Universial Scams & Fraud Detection

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Ask yourself the question; who pays for Fraud? The answer is simply....... you do! Fraud and Scams are a costly menace to society and global industry. Learning from experience is the best way of developing skill and knowledge. This book will assist you in preventing fraud and financial crimes against you and your business. Universal fraud will teach you the tricks used by scam artists in modern society and give you the edge and ability from falling victim to fraud. Explore the many aspects of fraud, including; identity theft, retail scams, fraud against the elderly, insurance scams, employee theft and more. Learn how to conduct elaborate investigations including cross border and gathering of valuable evidence. If its too good to be true, then it probably isn't true. Learn to trust your feelings from experiencing the different true life fraud cases and scenarios. Don't fall victim to fraud, learn how to protect yourself. Paperback 206 pages.


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