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Coronal Polishing for Dental Assistant

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This course is designed to prepare practicing dental assistants for the coronal polishing examination. This lecture will be for the dental assistant who has an entry level understanding of dental terminology, dental sciences and dental procedures. The objectives are:

1) Define oral prophylaxis and explain the rational for coronal polishing.
2) Describe the appearance and formation of various dental deposits
3) Clinically apply appropriate coronal polishing technique and adjunct methods for dental biofilm removal.
4) Understand the dental assistant's role in oral hygiene instruction, record keeping and appropriate infection control.

Course Fee: $275.00

Cancellation Policy: Participants will receive a full refund minus a $75.00 processing fee if you Cancel at least 45 days before the course. The participant will receive a 50% refund if you cancel less than 45 days before the course.