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Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienist

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Upon conclusion of this course, the dental hygienist will be able to discuss the neurophysiology of pain control; Will gain knowledge of pain control principles; Understand pharmacology of local anesthetics; Perform an evaluation of the patient, which includes dental and medical health history; Prepare and then demonstrate the use of the correct armamentarium for the local anesthetic procedure; Describe and use the correct technique for safe effective administration of local anesthesia under dental supervision of a licensed dentist; Discuss and avoid complications of local anesthesia systemically and locally; Describe appropriate procedures if complications arise due to the administration of local anesthesia; How to achieve and maintain correct record keeping for the local anesthetic procedures performed; Integrate the knowledge about anesthesia into the control of pain during dental procedures.

Course Fees: $1200.00

Cancelation Policy: Participants will receive a full refund minus a $75.00 processing fee if you cancel at least 45 days before the course. The participants will receive a 50% refund if you cancel less than 45 days before the course.