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SKU: UPC 0731271000603 $24.50
America's most unique and functional clothesline separator (some time called a "support"), the Everlast #60 is probably the first of its kind to really work. It also has the durability expected from the Everlast product line, the body being made of reinforced Nylon for exceptional strength. The top of the #60 separator features a Nylon wheel for ease of running over the top return line, while the bottom is designed to move with the lower feed line to support the weight of wet clothes, keeping both lines linked together to prevent sag and drag. This product is easy to use and is uniquely designed to resist accidental fall off. There is nothing on the market which compares to the superb function of this patent-pending and trademarked separator. One separator is recommended approximately every 10 feet (3 meters) for optimum performance of a clothesline system. Made here in the USA. 4 per pack.