IgG & IgA Food Sensitivity Home Testing with Consultation

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Food Intolerance panel to identify IgG reactions to 96 foods with 30 Minute Consultation for interpretation of results and dietary recommendations. The best way I've found, after 12 years in practice specializing in food intolerances, to determine which foods are making you sick! Why pay over $1000 and have blood drawn when it can be done with a finger prick and $295? Check 96 of the most common foods, including gluten and dairy, and find out if your immune system is attacking the food you are eating. Every time your immune system attacks, it creates a cascade of inflammation throughout your body! I find that this is the single best way to improve your health, and quickly. We will mail you the kit and when your results come in, you can schedule a time to meet with me by phone to review the results so that you can get the most out of the information. During the 30-minute consultation, I'll provide my interpretation, after having reviewed thousands of these results, and I'll give you resources for changing your diet based on your individual situation. Test can be completed through the mail.
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