What is Affiliate Marketing?

How do the Fortune 500 companies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars from online sales every year?  Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money online by promoting the products of another company for a commission on each of the sales you generate. Affiliates earn commissions generated from websites, blogs, newsletters and social media platforms. Consumers spend $300 billion dollars a year on internet sales in the USA alone. Some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies use affiliate programs to capture these sales including: Macys, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, BestBuy, Home Depot, JCP, Bloomingdales, Target, Barnes & Nobles and many more.

Why Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Marketing Program is the Best Choice!

Did you know that the nutrition market is a multibillion dollar industry?  Chews-4-Health International offers first-to-market nutritional products which means there is no competition! In addition to our easily marketable products, our Affiliate Marketing Program is unique in that while a typical Affiliate Marketing Program pays commissions on orders purchased, we offer various ways to earn commissions and bonuses.  Our commission structure is paid out on two tiers and our Affiliates earn commission on the following:

25% on product sales |  15% on large retail accounts | 10% on a Profit Share Program:  An Affiliate Marketing First!

You can also receive cash, a car, vacations and luxury item bonuses.  We also provide valuable turnkey tools and training so that you can market the products and make the most money possible. All of our Affiliates have access to a state-of-the-art Affiliate Panel containing professionally designed web banners, sales tracking system, special offers and training.  Our discounted price points also allows for face-to-face and trade show selling at a 100% mark up.

Web Banner Examples:

All of our Affiliates receive a free replicating website with a 24/7 shopping cart.  We also have web banners and links which can be posted on thousands of websites, blogs, newsletters and social media outlets. Every time a retail or wholesale order is placed, we pay you a referral commission. You can also earn additional commissions when other Affiliates you refer to the program sell product.

TrimULean-Avoid-Winter-Weight-Gain     WBTS-web-banner

Chews Affiliate Marketing Program Banner

Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure:

25% Two Tier Commissions: We have a two tier commission structure and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

1st Tier – 15% | 2nd Tier – 10%

15% Two Tier Large Retail Commissions: You can also earn commissions when you sell any of our products to large retail chains. Any retail store that orders quantities of 500 or more of the product OR has 5 retail outlets or more are considered large retail chains.

1st Tier – 10% | 2nd Tier – 5%

10% Profit sharing: Chews-4-Health International is the first company in history to offer a profit sharing program to their Affiliates from all sales taking place in major retail outlets across the world, a perk no Fortune 500 company offers their Affiliates! When our products are sold at a major retailer YOU earn money!


Personal Use: We offer Affiliates and their customers a substantial discount on all of our products and even bigger savings when choosing to go on a monthly autoship program.

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